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Avatar Andy B | 04/04/2022

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This Andy B 2 Minute Video was inspired by Mandy, and her brilliant post - and power packed prayer - “April 2022 Prayer”. You can find out more about Mandy at her blog “Blue Collar Theologian”. Go check it out!

Darkness often feels like it is greater and has more power. People love to do bad things in the dark because, I guess, they think it can appease some of the evil of their actions. Or, just because they don’t wish to get caught – which really amounts to the same thing.

Darkness often feels like it is closing around us, and it can seem as though it wins more often than the good.

And yet, as Christians, we have a sure and certain hope that where there is light, the darkness will not be able to win! Scripture tells us that where light is, darkness can not be. It also reminds us that darkness and light can no exist together – one of those things has to win and one of them has to lose. I’ve read the end of the book, so I can confirm the winner is not the darkness!!

And we know this to be true in our own lives too – when we stand in a pitch black room with a working torch (flashlight) in our hand, we know that we can dispel the darkness around us by sampling switching that torch on. And as followers of Jesus, we are those same torches, and we also need to switch ourselves on.

You, and me, are the bearers of the light of Jesus Christ into the darkness of this world.

Don’t be afraid of how dark the darkness may feel. Because in our hands, much like Frodo when he was fighting against Shelob (Lord of The Rings reference…sorry if you’ve not read the book or seen the film but they’re a BerryBunch favourite!!), he had in his hand a powerful source of light. But it didn’t do anything until he activated that light source. Without the right action on his part (saying some Elvish words over the light source) it was just a light source, and not a light.

So, let’s shine our lights ever the brighter. And if you don’t feel your particular light is bright enough as a Christian, don’t worry. Where there is light the darkness can not be. Or maybe switch it on or activate it, or just give it a really good shake (which works for me when my torch has weaker batteries)!!

Because Out Of Darkness Cometh Light – so go be that light in the darkness, and do not fear because the Light of Jesus Christ has already defeated the darkness of the enemy so what can we possibly have to fear!

Just a thought…

Andy B

So another Andy B 2 Minute Video. And this came from a positive encouragement from a lady called Mandy, who writes for Blue Collar Theologian and she wrote a post "April 2022 Prayer". And she writes these amazing prayers. If you've not followed the blog, go and check it out. It's really good. Follow it. The prayers are awesome! And we were having a bit of a dialogue about this prayer. I'd said Amen! as I normally do, because it was amazing. And I talked about darkness and stuff and she said, oh you've got to make this into a blog or a vlog. So here we go.

Out Of Darkness, Cometh Light.

If we look at the situation in Ukraine, it feels dark, it feels heavy. We're watching innocent civilians murdered, where it feels like darkness is winning. But Out Of Darkness Cometh Light. There's loads of positive stories going on in Ukrain,e of the good of humanity as well.

We see a growing church. We see a thriving worship of Jesus Christ as people cling to the one thing that is secure in their life, in God.

Take a cardboard box, put a pinprick hole in the size of it, in the side of it. Put a really weak, feeble, light in there. Put it in a pitch black room so you can't even see the box, you will still see the light. Because the light, however weak it may feel, always wins over the darkness! The darkness cannot overcome it. And we read that in the Bible.

I've looked back at my childhood and there's lots of darkness there. There's places I don't want to go back to. There's places where I feel it's quite dark. I grew up in Wolverhampton, where the motto Out Of Darkness Cometh Light comes from. It's a really old place, part of the Black Country. It was black because of soot and heavy industry back in the day.

Out Of Darkness Cometh Light is the motto for this town, now a city. And it's a great motto to think of. Because no matter how dark the world may be in front of us. However dark we feel our world is, the light always wins. Out Of Darkness Cometh Light because the darkness, however great it might feel, cannot beat the light. The light always wins.

So, if you've got darkness, and you're seeing that, and you're thinking you can't overcome it, if you're a Christian, they know that you have a light of Jesus Christ inside you.

If you're going into a situation you think I can't help this, the darkness cannot defeat the light.

If you've got Jesus Christ in your heart, then you are bringing the light into the darkness, and the darkness cannot overcome the light.

The light always wins.

Just a thought.

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Written by Andy B


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  1. Alan Kearns

    04/04/2022 at 18:30

    I think you have mixed your vlogs up Andy. Having said that both the video and audio devotionals are excellent as usual. They are very deep and encouraging. I need to listen to them again.

    • BerryBunch.family

      04/04/2022 at 21:22

      I posted the wrong video….if you go to the post again it will be the correct one ‘cos I’ll have a beard!! Sorry about that. And I thought it was going so well today lol. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow!

      Andy B

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