Andy B 2 Minute Video, Pancakes Aren’t Fiddly! S4, E36

Pancakes are a great way of having fun while you cook AND eat. And we like them a lot in the BerryBunch household!

We all take part in both sides of the process, but, of course, the ending – and eating – is always the more popular. And that’s just Andy and Jo!

Sometimes it’s good not to fiddle with things – like painting. Paint over the spot too many times, and you ruin your work.

But food? Sometimes a little fiddling as it cooks is a great way to get the best result.

It may not make a huge difference to the eating, but since a picture paints a thousands words, and the proof is in the pudding, the final appearance really does matter!

Andy B

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So another Andy B 2 Minute Video.

As a family, we really enjoy having pancakes. We don’t wait until Shrove Tuesday. It’s not Pancake Tuesday, it’s Shrove Tuesday, to have pancakes. It’s something we have quite frequently! And I think there are a few reasons why we do this.

One is it’s a really cheap filler, that’s quite nice, a bit like a Yorkshire pudding. But, also, pancakes are just great fun to do. And yes, every time I cook, I do toss a pancake in the air, so it can flip and land the right way around!

But, many years ago, I was a scout. And we did, on Pancake Tuesday, we did, ‘cos, you know, its the Scouts, so we did pancakes one night. We got all the tables out. And it was a great exercise in making pancakes. And of course, we got to eat them.

And as it was cooking, I was moving the, the spatula around, and trying to move me pancake to make it as nice as possible. And I remember, vividly, the Scout Leader coming to me and say “You’re fiddling with your pancakes. Just leave it. You put your batter in, let it be”. And I ignored him and carried on.

But, here’s the thing, my pancake was the one that everybody wanted. And when it got to Scout Camp, I was always known as fiddling with the food. But, people always wanted to come to my table, when I was doing the cooking, for that day. So, let’s not be quick to judge people that are messing with stuff. Sometimes it’s good to mess. Sometimes it’s good to leave back. If you’re painting a wall, you keep trying to paint over the same place, you’re gonna mess it up. Food, not quite so much.

So, enjoy the pancakes. They’re awesome! We do them many, many times a month. However, if someone’s fiddling with the food, and it tastes good, don’t mess with the fiddling. It’s probably worth it.

Just a thought.

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  1. We love pancakes in our household too! The children frequently asked for them for weekend breakfast, or even weekday breakfast!

    1. I blame (thank) Rob Parsons in his excellent book, 60 Minute Father. I read it when we were living in a caravan, having prayed for God to teach us faith. So it actually began, as a tradition, in the smallest of spaces and never died out!

      Yep we make a huge batch so they can be for evening, breakfast and lunch.

      Andy B

  2. The family are forever hounding me for my pancakes, they truly are a feel good food that puts a smile on folks faces. Your post makes a simple point Andy…sometimes our Father God just wants us to have a wee bit of fun!

    1. nout wrong with a wee bit of fun!! yep, they put a smile on our faces!!

      Andy B

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