S02E007, Projection, Reality and Giant Spiders, Andy B 2 Minute Video

Avatar The BerryBunch | 08/06/2021

https://vimeo.com/703246886 You can Listen, Read, or Watch, the video. If you're not a fan of giant spiders, read on!

This is kind of, all about, the very opposite of giant spiders, as Andy B looks at how projected images distort reality!

So where in our lives, are we fearing something terrifying and monstrous - when it is really just a projected image making something look bigger than it really is?

Andy B

So another Andy B 2 Minute Video.

I want you picture a, in the UK, a giant spider. A giant spider to me would be, sort of, 3, 4, 5 inches across. That’s something I would see as quite terrifying; it might shock me.

So, urm, picture this!

Jo and I are sat in the bed other morning having a chat, we’re having a bit of a pray before we get up with a cup of coffee and tea.

On the wall I see this 3, 4 inch shadow of a spider. Urm, I was a little bit surprised! I kind of yanked Jo forwards; we got out of bed “what the heck is this monstrous nightmare in our home!?!”

And we looked, and I couldn’t find this thing – it wasn’t on Jo, wasn’t on the bed, it wasn’t anywhere.

So I kept looking.

And then I noticed there was this teeny, tiny, spider – maybe half a millimetre across: it took me a long time to find it!

And it was having a little play with us by walking across some little LED lights we’ve got on the top of our bed.

And the projection from this little, teeny, tiny, maybe a half a millimetre across spider was about 3 to 4 inches of shadow on the wall.

We had a laugh!

But the thing is, it got me thinking about issues in our life where we’re seeing something that, just, isn’t!

Projection makes things bigger.

If you think about overhead projectors - when they first came into churches - you had this big, funny, screen come in and all of a sudden you could put a static image on a screen.

Projection then became huge stuff that you get in big concerts where it’s 60, a 100 feet long, by 60 or 80 feet and it’s this massive, massive screen: we you can project on to it.

That’s done through TVs and different ways but it’s the same basic principle, and sometimes real projectors.

So things can be projected bigger than they are.

And the enemy loves, the devil loves, to get us seeing things that are huge, insurmountable, terrifying, scary, whatever – and maybe it’s a tiny, half-millimetre spider than we can barely even see.

But the projected image of that is huge.

So where in our lives are there projected images, on the walls of our life -where we’re seeing these huge, monstrous problems, that really just are not!

Just a thought!

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