Andy B 2 Minute Video, Punctures, Goals and Rolling with Resistance

While out mountain biking, Andy B and Jo Jo spotted their oldest son, running in the distance. They decided to push on a bit faster and get past him – for the first time, having always been just a bit slower than him!

Just as they were starting to get close, Andy B’s bike had a puncture. So they stopped!

Their goal disappeared, literally, into the distance.

A couple of options were available – push the bikes home, or repair the puncture and carry on.

Thankfully, Andy B always carries the necessary tools to fix small breakdowns at the roadside, and set about fixing the hole caused by a loose thorn!

But they also got to have a lovely pause to enjoy the countryside they were riding through.

When goals aren’t met, how do we respond?

Are we prepared to overcome them, or do we simply allow them to overwhelm us and get us down.

Andy B

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