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Avatar Andy B | 23/08/2021

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Robots can be great ways of saving manpower and time. They can be more efficient, saving both time and money. When it comes to important welds, they do it better than a human can.

But, only if they’ve been told what to do properly.

Robots, are set up by flawed humans, and will only be able to do what they are instructed to do, whether that is good or bad. With no way of knowing if what they are doing is what they’re supposed to be doing, they’re as much help as scrap iron if not programmed properly.

With so much teaching telling us that we are simply random things with no value, because we just ‘happened’ the Christian message of Hope and being deliberately and purposefully made, by a loving Creator, is needed more than evermore.

Andy B

So we're sitting at the table the other day and, erm, we had a little cardboard tube and I was playing with it, as you do when you fiddle things when you're talking. Well I fiddle with stuff when I'm talking. And I was reminding the boys about how clever, and good, robots are. But the limitation of a robot is always going to be the fact that it's designed by a human, and humans have flaws. We have weaknesses.

Now, a few years ago, in the UK, there was a huge fire at a big factory in a place called Andover in Hampshire. You can go and Google this. At a Waitrose sorting facility. There's a big distribution centre.

Food comes in by truck. It gets separated, and these robots then go and pick the food. It goes in crates, goes in vans, and it can be delivered to people houses.

Waitrose, Andover, big fire, 4 years ago or so. Go and Google it.

Erm, but, anyway. This fire got me thinking, because the reason of the fire is they got rid of all the people, 'because robots are more efficient and faster and we can save money.' But what they didn't tell the robots to do was to smell for fire or smoke, and they couldn't detect it.

Now you or I, if we'd have been working in that factory, where they didn't need to have people, because robots are better. Well, we'd have smelt the smoke, and we'd have pulled the fire alarm, and there wouldn't have been a fire that destroyed the entire complex.

As clever as the system, and the robots, were, they weren't told to sniff for smoke.

I would imagine that whenever they're put back again, they will be!

But that's the problem of robots. We, we have to tell them what to do.

And this little cardboard tube thing, if you can see that as I'm squishing it, this is what I was doing. And it reminded me of a thing I saw about mushroom picking robots. And they were trying to get robots, on a conveyor belt was going past and the robots were there and they were supposed to pick different sized mushrooms, so they could grade the mushrooms for sale.

And the problem was that these, these robot claws would come down and they'd splat these mushrooms. You've got mushrooms flying everywhere. And they try different claws, and hands, and rubber things, and metal things, and they they were really struggling.

And then there were people that could come along and just pick it up. Because we react to the situation we see 'cos God's made us well, so we would know we only need a tiny bit of pressure to hold this in the air. But a robot doesn't. It can't work that out very well.

God didn't make you by accident.

He made you with a purpose.

And it's a beautiful purpose, because you are beautifully created by God, for Him. And this is an amazing gift.

When we see suicide rates in teenagers, and small children, who think they have no purpose. Well, if you're not told that you are designed and handcrafted, handcrafted by God, because He loves you and has a purpose for you, well you're gonna be depressed aren't you? What's the point in being here? If, if you believe in the rubbish of evolution, you're gonna think 'well, I just came from a goo, and I, I, I'm, I don't matter and well, you know I I'm going back to the ground'.

God made you, because you are beautiful and you have purpose!

Just a thought.

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