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I’m working on two books at the moment.

And by working, I mean I have a title cover for both; I’ve got one book basically ready for publishing, and one book about half the way through as I rewrite some previous works into what is already a 3 part series.

I’ve been working on writing a book for nearly 20 years…the one I began back then is still where it was when I first wrote it…it’s a good book, but I’ve never really finished it.

But as I look back over our time doing BerryBunch, and especially my Andy B 2 Minute Videos (we’re on Season 4 now, by the way) it’s super encouraging to see where I began, the journey I’ve been on up to this point, what it has become now, and what is already pushing me on towards!

Sometimes it’s good to look back at where we’ve come from, to remind ourselves that we really are making some progress in our lives as disciples as Jesus Christ! Sometimes it can be difficult seeing the hill we’ve climbed, because of the crest we reached, rendering all previous effort invisible, behind our latest effort as we climb up our mountain.

Who we were, should never be who we remain, and it certainly shouldn’t be who we will finish up as.

Life is a journey, and we shouldn’t be standing still…as much as we like to, it just results in us going backwards
so, keep pushing on towards the goal.

And while looking back can be a painful reminder of many failures, it can also be a great way to reflect on how far we actually have come.

So what great achievement’s have you managed that you’ve forgotten about? Those moments when God said to His angels, “Yes – that is my child, just look at what they have achieved”.

Andy B

With my 2 Minute Videos I started with a simple idea, and a mobile phone in Season 1.

Through Season 2 we started using a better microphone.

Andy B 2 Minute Video, Boats, Ships and Resting

By season 3 we’d begun using a different background, a better camera for filming, and a better microphone, again.

Andy B 2 Minute Video, Rice Maker Handle

Season 4 brought in an even better camera for filming when we discovered the best way to utilise the cameras on our mobile phones, invested in an awesome microphone – that sounds really great, started using a proper, quality, green screen in our home studio, with proper lighting.

Andy B 2 Minute Video, Baking Trays, Yorkies and Spiritual Growth, S4, E12

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