S02E004, Remote Controlled Alarm Clocks and the Holy Spirit, Andy B 2 Minute Video

Avatar The BerryBunch | 09/03/2021

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Andy B's alarm clock stopped working. So he bought a new one.

But before binning the old one, it struck him that there are often things in our lives which don't work very well.

Some we can work around. But some need sorting a little more directly!

Andy B

So another Andy B 2 Minute Video. Here we have my clock. Faithfully working for the last 17 years or so.

2 days ago, in the morning, it stopped working. And what happened was the radio control function wasn't functioning. It wasn't communicating properly. So when we woke up in the morning, this was the wrong time. Jo said, come on, let's go, for church. Time!

And it didn't work.

And I got very confused because I've relied upon this, heavily, for the last 16, 17 years or so. It's older than my oldest son, who's 17, so it's got to be 17, 18 years old, easily.

It had some great functions, which stopped working a while ago, so this little bit on the side, which spins around. You can just see that. Erm, what that used to do is it shone a light on the ceiling. So when I couldn't see in the middle of the night, press a button, shines a light on the ceiling, and we can see what the time is.

That stopped working a while back. You kind of got a red light on the ceiling, but you, you couldn't really discern the time. Er, but when the time couldn't stay at the right time, that was a big problem.

Now it's completely obsolete. An alarm clock with a light that doesn't quite shine the time? You can live with that.

But an alarm clock with a time that won't stay the same? Well, that's a bit of an issue, when you need to get up by a certain time.

So, that's been relegated obsolete. It's going to the bin. I've got a new alarm clock coming. Hopefully less confusion!

And it got me thinking about our relationships with God. Because with God, sometimes, it's a bit like the gears on a car. It's like they're grinding, and they're not quite, in, synchronising and, and it's all a bit mesh, m, messed up, hence the synchromesh gearbox, to prevent the grinding.

Well, the Holy Spirit helps us stay in tune, inline, reconciled with God, so those gears on the cog, they mesh perfectly. And that's what the Holy Spirit does for us.

So, where in our life are we trying to, just, make something work and it, you know what, it really doesn't work anymore.

I mean, I could keep the clock for posterity, I suppose. It was kind of good, and it's lasted a while. But, really, it needs to go in the bin. And that's where it's gonna go.

But we need to take some time, every day, to make sure, several times a day, really, that we're walking in line with God. That we're in reconciliation with Him. That we're actually walking together, like those little teeth on the, on the gear, that they're actually gonna be moving together, not separately. You don't get a grinding noise.

And sometimes you think, oh, come on God, this is going wrong. What's going on? And it's all messy, and agitated. And it's not God 'cos God's perfect. It's us, not in line, with God.

Now we're trying to change gear at the wrong speed. We're throwing the synchromesh gearbox out,  'cos we've got a better way.

And God's saying no, no no. It's really easy. Just stop, and pause. Hush.

So, I've got a new clock coming, which is exciting after a long time with this one.

Where in your life have you got things, in your life, that you're thinking, 'well I'm just gonna make this work a bit longer'. And, do you know what? There's an easier way!

And sometimes it means taking a clock, binning it, and buying a new one. Not to throw away culture, but sometimes there's an easier way.

Where does God wanna make your life easier today?

What does he want you to throw away so your life can be easier?

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