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Avatar Andy B | 17/02/2021

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We recently started using a replacement microwave after our old faithful one, of more than a decade, showed its age quite a bit.

Anyway, we get through quite a bit of rice, and have used a microwave rice maker for the past two decades.

And, now, it doesn't fit!

The microwave is too small for it - so we had to get creative!

Which got Andy B thinking about the things in our life that God is wanting us to let go of because, how ever good they may have been - or still be - He has a better plan.

Andy B

Another Andy B 2 Minute Video.

So, I have in my hand a tiny, little, red, plastic handle, which goes on top of a rice maker, like that.

And, basically, what happens is, you can pick up the rice maker and you can use it quite happily and that's great. That's what it's for. When you take the little catches off, you can lift the lid off, erm, without burning yourself quite so badly, because it takes off.

Anyway, this erm, little bit here was starting to break, and it was starting to come loose, and every time we used it would fall off, and it was getting very frustrating. 

So, we're thinking, well, we'll have to glue it on, or bin it, or replace it, or something, I don't know. It needs some sort of a solution. Most likely, just shove this in a draw and carry on. using it.

We've got a replacement microwave that we've been given, which is really cool, erm, and , er, this doesn't fit in the microwave if you have the handle on top.

So, actually, the handle having broken and coming off actually is quite useful.

Which got me thinking 2 things. 

1. We're never beyond being passed God's ability to use us. When we feel broken we're still perfectly good for God's function. 

Erm, but it also got me thinking about little handles in our life, where perhaps, God wants us to let go of these things, that we've clung onto, because they're really, really good and really awesome, and they're a part of what has to be, and we've always had it this way. 

And actually, God doesn't want you to have the handle anymore. He wants you to chuck it in, in a bin, get rid of it, er, which is what we're gonna do with this thing, because it's actually no use to us. It's no use to the rice maker. And it's no use to us using it. It doesn't fit in the in the microwave if we have the handle on top, so this then becomes useless, and we get through quite a bit of rice!

So, where in your life have you got little handles, that might look great, and might have been there originally, and might be what's supposed to be? But actually God wants us to let go of those, so that we can be the best functional things, the best functional people, that we can be.

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