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Returning home after a mountain bike ride, Andy B approached a roundabout. We love these in the UK (it seems). Simply put, you come to a junction, with a circle in the middle. You give way to the right, and proceed carefully.

But they’re super simple to use! Indicate on your approach, and as long as nothing comes from your right, you have right of way (and of course, the British drive on the correct side of the road – the left – hence giving way to the right!).

Anyway, having indicated which way he intended to go, Andy B reached the roundabout and a motorbike, coming the other way, stopped – as it should, because Andy B had right of way.

So he carried on, turning right. At which point the biker screamed various unpleasant words we won’t repeat here, as Andy carried on his journey.

But here’s the thing, and the important lesson.

The biker was right to stop, as Andy had been clearly indicating on his approach to the roundabout. But Andy B didn’t indicate as he was going around the roundabout due to some serious potholes for all to see. Plus, the motorbike had already stopped and Andy B had eye contact with the rider!

As a trucker and biker, Andy B is especially careful on the road, and knows the rule of the road better than most – having driven professionally for well over a decade.

And the biker, who was shouting, was actually committing a plethora of crimes in doing so. He was breaching the peace with his shouted profanities; acting in an aggressive and threatening manner with a vehicle; he had his helmet propped open (another offence).

And that last one is key! Because when you prop your helmet open, you have limited vision. VERY limited vision, which is one reason why it is an offence to ride like that on a public road (ie the front part of the helmet, not just the see through plastic part we call a visor in the UK).

Due to the offence he was committing, he actually couldn’t see Andy B properly.

Which is a lesson for us all isn’t it? We can be so quick to make judgements of people, but sometimes we do so even though we know we don’t have all the facts.

So, next time you’re about to start proclaiming your judgements against someone in public, make sure you have all the facts, and don’t break the law whilst pointing the finger at someone!

And what does the bible say about all this?

Well it reminds us that before we take the speck out of our brother’s eye, we should take the plank out of our own. And perhaps, ensure we can see what we’re judging…

Andy B

So you might be thinking if you're watching this, why is Andy wearing a cycle helmet, and sweating and where's the nice blue swirly thing, he usually has behind him.

When I've just got back from, a, a mountain bike ride. Here in the UK it's about a degree cooler, so I thought, well I'll go cycling; it's a little bit overcast; it's less oppressive heat. So I've just been out for an hour and a half, erm, cycling - and it was quite nice.

And the last little stretch of my journey home, er, involves a little bit of road use. And, er, along the road, and turn right and, you know, I'm home!

And I came to the roundabout, when I was indicating; I'd pulled to the right hand side and there's a roundabout I have to use - a little, tiny one.

And, er, as I indicated, there was a motorbike coming the other way, and as I came to a stop, he came to a stop. So I carried on thinking, oh great, he's actually seen me indicating, he is ready for me - rather than just riding across like I've seen so many times.

And as I'm going across, he screams at me with lots of profanities and expletives - I'm not going to repeat - about the fact that I hadn't bothered to indicate.

Well, I had indicated actually - quite clearly. And all the cars behind me were waiting very patiently.

But here's the thing.

He was screaming really loudly through his helmet that was up. And in the UK that's a crime - you're not allowed to do that. If you've got a helmet, it needs to be pulled down, and locked into place otherwise it doesn't class as a helmet.

If he'd had it pulled down, and not up in the way, he'd have actually seen my indication, with my arm - very clearly.

So he screams off, and he's all angry.

And, er, it got me thinking about how we judge situations. And sometimes what we see is really not what we're seeing.

If he'd actually been riding legally, rather than illegally - as he should do as a much older gentleman on a bike - he would have actually been able to see everything around him.

And the thing on bikes is you have to try and be aware of everything.

I'm a biker. I'm a trucker. I know how to do those things, and what needs to happen. And one of the things you always are really careful of, is you make sure you know what's going around you. Field of vision is so important.

Because he had his helmet up, he couldn't actually see what I was doing - quite clearly.

So before we go off shouting at people and judging people for how terrible they are, 'you've done this r,r,r,r,' let's make sure we haven't got things blocking our eyes.

The scripture that comes to mind is 'take the plank plank at your own eye before you take the splinter out of somebody else's, or whichever way round it is: I need a shower, it's hot!

Erm, but let's be careful not to make judgements of people. And if we're going to make comments to people to help them - in a positive way - let's make sure we haven't got blinkers on, so we can't physically see something, and then make a complete fool of ourselves, which is sadly what this individual did today. Erm, which I felt sorry for him! Because it's hot, and he made a fool of himself.

So let's not do that!

Lets live peaceable life for Jesus.

And let's, er, well, I'm going off for a shower.

Have a good rest of your day.

Bye for now.

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Written by The BerryBunch


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