S02E003, Stripey Fabric and Usefulness, Andy B 2 Minute Video

Avatar Andy B | 18/02/2021

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We got married nearly 25 years ago and, like most newly weds, we had no furniture to fill the house we lived in.

We were given a settee, which was well beyond its best, but still functioned.

We bought some fabric to cover it, and it's still going strong..........which got Andy B thinking about how useful we are to God, no matter what season we are in of life.

Andy B

I have before you some fabric, stripy fabric specifically, for another Andy B 2 Minute Video .

Now, erm, we got married nearly 25 years ago, Jo and I. And in our very first house, it was a police house, which was kind of cool. It was this huge house. We couldn't fill it in. Newlyweds. No furniture.

Someone gave us their old settee. They said, 'oh it's not in a very good state'. It really wasn't! But it was a settee, and it was amazing. We had nothing else to sit on, so it was brilliant.

Erm, at the time I had a mobile phone which we sold, and I remember this. I sold it for £50, to a guy that was doing the, the Gritters. And he was very happy. And I got me £50. He needed a new phone and we went out into the middle of the town where we lived and we bought some fabric. And it's this, stripey fabric.

Now this fabric is about 25 years old. It was really quality when we bought it. £50 got us quite a bit, back in the late 90s, mid 90s.

But this fabric has been used all over the place. We've used it to cover doors instead of curtains. We've used it, erm, as covers for a settee, which was our original purpose. At the moment it creates a screen in our lounge, so we can block off part of the lounge, from another part. We've used it as covers. We've used it as all sorts of things. It's like a multi-purpose Swiss army knife of, of cloth.

But this cloth's got special meaning, because it's something jo and I invested in, nearly a quarter of a century ago. It's still going strong.

This one isn't so bad, it's a bit ripped. It's not particularly neat and tidy. Erm, the stuff we're using elsewhere, it's got holes in it, it's got little rips in it. Erm, we've put hems on it because we've used it as proper curtains in some places. It's been all sorts of things!

But it has precious memories. It's a bit of holey fabric. Anybody found this, they probably wouldn't want to buy it. They probably wouldn't want to pick it up and take it away.

But for us? It's quite valuable. It's quite quite a, a memory builder.

And there are often things in our life that can stir us, and remind us, of things from the past, bad and good. And this one reminds me of good. It was something that we did, that was carried, for us, for a long time. It's been in all sorts of places and it's still in use. 

We've got it in our bed, under in a drawer, under the bed, and it's in use around the house. And we'll keep on using it until it falls apart.

It's not beyond its use, even though we bought it to cover a settee, and we're not using it anymore to cover a settee, it's still really, really useful.

Wherever you are, in your, in your relationship with God, whether you feel you've been useful, and you no longer are. As this is showing you, we're always useful to God. 

He might reuse us in different ways, and adapt how we do things. But God will reuse you, whoever you are, wherever you are.

Whatever you've done we're never beyond the use of God!

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Written by Andy B


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