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Life is full of ups and downs.

Some days we can fly along, and others it’s like were tasked with stirring treacle, with an oversized paddle, on a cold day! But sometimes, flying isn’t helpful. And sometimes that treacle simply needs stirring!

So how do know when we’re walking in our own strength, not God’s? And how do we know when something that seems easy, is actually what God is calling us to do?

J. John is a great British preacher, who delivered a brilliant message about how the devil is always waiting with a taxi – when we want to walk away from God; when we choose to sin.

With that in mind, how does the Holy Spirit fit in with us working all of this out?

Andy B

So I was, er, chatting with a friend about difficult decisions, and when life gets difficult how do you know if, erm, what you are facing as difficulty is either you walking in your own strength, or it's just a difficulty of life?

They both exist! And they're both very different. And, actually, how we approach them; what we do with those - is really quite important.

Erm, and having been in full-time ministry, I would state, really clearly - for us - if something was, if it we were inspired to do something, and if it was fairly easy to do, that was usually a good indicator that it may well be from God.

However, just because something's easy, and we've got all the resources we need, that's definitely not a clear indicator that this is what God wants to do.

That's just - it's really easy,. And that's where discernment comes. That's where a relationship with the Holy Spirit comes in. That's where knowing your scripture, and talking to different people's really important.

Erm, and I said to my friend, can, can you pray - I'm not sure, is this, is this heavy because I'm trying to carry this burden, or is it heavy 'cos it's just a heavy burden?

And we're gonna face those things in life. Things that are difficult.

Erm, I've mentioned this once before: I got into trouble because someone was saying, 'oh I'm exhausted when I lead worship and nobody thanks me and it's terrible and it's exhausting and I've got no inspiration…'

And I'd just been talking about how, well, if you're walking for God then actually the Creator of the Universe has far more than we'll ever need to do whatever He is asking us to do.

So, if you're facing some striving, some difficulties, don't immediately assume - 'cos it's difficult - you need to stop. Don't assume - 'cos you've got the power of God in you - that you need to carry on.

We need to stop and pause; go back to God; go back to the Holy Spirit and say 'what is that I'm supposed to do?'

So, if it's a difficulty; if it's some't you're starting to find it's really hard…there are obstacles to overcome and there are obstacles to walk around. And there are obstacles we need to blow up - you look at what the Military do, they don't always go around a problem sometimes they go straight through it. And that's quite a good example of how it can be!

So, what am I saying today?

Well, strength, striving and struggles - struggles are gonna come across our path in life.

As Christians we're never going to be devoid of that - we're going to face issues in front of us.

However, I have learned that when something, when we have an idea of something; we have an inspiration; it's quite easy - that can be a good sign that it's what God wants.

But! On the other side, just because something is really, really hard and difficult doesn't mean to say it's not what God is wanting us to push through.

But it could be that we're not walking in His strength - we're walking in our own strength.

So let's stop. Pause. Let's keep checking in with God, making sure we're reconciled to Him. Check with scripture, check in with our brothers and sisters in Christ and let's keep going for God, building His kingdom.

And if it's tiring and it's difficult, and you're struggling - make sure it's not you walking in your own strength.

Just a thought.

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