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Avatar Andy B | 30/12/2021

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Life can be full of challenges!

Sometimes it is the difficulty of making, what should be, a really simple decision. But, with age, comes wisdom. And with wisdom comes arrogance. Without God’s intervention, we’d be doing life on our own. Wait, don’t we do that anyway?

The good news for those of us who love Jesus, is that when He died, rose and again and ascended to Heaven, Jesus didn’t leave us on our own to figure things out.

Because He loved, and loves, us so very much He left us with the Holy Spirit. And the Holy Spirit is also, mercifully, named Comforter. And He truly cares about all the details!!!!!

Which means if you are struggling to decide whether you should dispose of your lovely, solid pine table and chair dining set, the Holy Spirit – who knows of your my stubbornness to trust that God really does care about the details – will speak through, perhaps, your oldest son with wisdom to rival even King Solomon.

Just a thought…

Andy B

Andy 0:02
Another Andy B 2 Minute Video from Studio 2 mark B 4, or something. I don't know. We're, the studio has been packed down. It's Christmas time and we're getting ready to move.

Andy 0:13
All sorts of things are happening. So it's kind of exciting. So, Andy B is a little bit different. My desk is a little different. But life gets different and things don't go always the way we planned.

Andy 0:23
Well, we've got a dining room table and set. It's really lovely! We bought it quite a few years ago. It's solid pine. It's got six lovely solid Pine chairs. And we've been really struggling with, do we move with this thing? Or do we get rid of it in some way? Selling or giving or whatever.

Andy 0:40
It's in perfectly good condition. It's got a few scratches and dents, but it's much loved. But the children, as they've got older, I mean, they're older teenagers now. But, they've been sitting at this desk, doing, at this, this table, which has become their desk in the last couple of houses when they haven't had their own desks. So, they've used our dining room table as a way of working their home education.

Andy 1:00
So, they spend many hours a day, and they're a bit fed up with the chairs, which is understandable 'cos they're not actually flat. They go back a little bit and it stretches your back. And it's not the best thing in the world.

Andy 1:11
So, we were trying to decide do we, do we keep this do we get rid of it?

Andy 1:14
And sometimes decisions can be quite easy, can't they. If it's broken? Well, that's an easy one to get rid of or maybe repair. On this occasion, it's not broken. It's just quite big. It's quite heavy. And we're going to need a dining room set in the next house. We love sitting down as a family playing games together, on a big table, and having dinner together. This is really important to us!

Andy 1:35
And yet, we're thinking about getting rid of it. But we're struggling to make a good decision. Because it's easy to make a decision when it doesn't cost anything. But, at the moment, I'm finding replacement, used, secondhand, cheapest tables, at maybe 2 or 300 pounds, possibly even 5 to 600, which seems ridiculous. We bought this for maybe 50 quid 10 years ago, and I don't think prices have gone up quite that far.

Andy 1:57
But, sometimes making a decision can be really, really hard. But Steven came up with a great analogy for us, and how we look at this table. He said if we hang on to this table, because we're worried about how much it might cost to get another one, is it God's best for us to cling on to this things so He can't give us anything else? And, if we hang on to it, will we be able to receive, or take, what God's got for is, and might have for us?

Andy 2:21
So, where has God got some't in your life, that you're, you're clinging on to this thing for dear life, but God's saying "Let it go, I've got something better". And you're thinking yes, but it, a your wise decision. I need to hang on to this

Andy 2:31
And God's just saying "Let it go! I've got something better for you."

Andy 2:36
Just a thought.

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