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Avatar The BerryBunch | 26/05/2022

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I’ve finished another book writing project.

I’m pretty thrilled about it, but when I say I’ve finished, that’s just the initial editing. Next up is my middle son – Nathan – who follows behind me cleaning up any spelling mistakes or grammar issues. He’s a star!

After that it’s simply down to finalising the cover while waiting for the foreword being written by a friend, set a date for publishing and away we go!

As I was sitting there looking at the last text, on the last page, I thought about the other books I’ve got stacked up, ready to write.

I love the little blinking cursor on the page of a brand new book, because it reminds me of endless possibilities.

So, where in your life is God wanting you to look further down the road, rather than just a your feet. He cares about your present. But He cares even more about your future.

That’s why He sent His only son to secure a future for every one of us, that we can only access via Jesus.

Are you looking at your future and worrying about how it will pan out? God isn’t – He can already see your future.

Just a thought…

Andy B

0:00 Okay so another Andy B 2 Minutes Video, and I was thinking, today, because I was looking at a screen. I'd got to the bottom of a page on a document, a Word document, and I'll show you a photo now. But it's basically, it's the end of another book. I've finished another writing project, which is always an exciting and sad day. You put your heart into it, and you, you write all this stuff, 150 pages on this occasion and it's kind of like your little child on the bicycle, with the training wheels. You, you're not quite sure how it's gonna go.

0:39 Now, the next stage for this book is my middle son, Nathan is working through it. He's fixing all the grammar and spelling mistakes that I've missed, then we can work on the cover, we can get it uploaded, and we can start working on a release dat. There's a forward in hand with a friend. So everything's kind of coming together. And hopefully in the next little while, we'll be able to look at getting that published.

1:00 But as I looked at the bottom of the screen was strictly was the little blinking cursor. Now if you're English, you might think the blinking cursor is quite a rude thing. Actually, I was being absolutely literal. It's a cursor that blinks. And the thing is, when you've finished a project like this, or even if you've got a brand new project, I've got five more on the go that I want to do next, and when I look at the page, there's there's no text, there's just this cursor flashing away on the screen and it's full of possibilities.

1:28 I've finished my book. It's really exciting. But there's more to be done. And that's also a very exciting thing too.

1:35 Is there a blinking cursor in your life where you've got possibilities down the line. Don't get too scared of it, or freaked out by it. It's good to have possibilities ahead of you. And that little blinking cursor on my computer screen reminds me that I've accomplished something, and I've got all sorts of things that I can accomplish in the future.

1:56 Just a thought

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