S01E010, The God Connection – Dial Up or High Speed Broadband, Andy B 2 Minute Video

Avatar Andy B | 05/12/2020

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Are we connected just enough to fool a diagnostic test? Or are we so connected we're streaming in better than HD quality?

Remembering of a time sheep got in the way of a Radio Broadband connection, Andy B thinks about how connected we are to God.

We all have a connection with and to God: He made us!

But is our connection with our Maker more like Dial Up or High Speed Broadband?

Andy B

So I've been thinking about connections again. Erm, next door neighbour had a problem with our electrics. We're actually connected in a way as well. So the problem that they had affected us. They knocked on the door. The work guys, and girls, and they were going to cut your electricity off, 'so just want you to know'.

Erm, and basically there's an earthing cable that goes out of the house, and it had cracked, so it wasn't working.

And the people, one of the guys I spoke to you said, well, erm, you wouldn't know there's a problem unless you had a problem, and if you had a problem in your house, and the earthing wasn't working, it would be exceedingly dangerous.
So they came quickly and they repaired that problem.

Which reminded me of radio broadband!

Now, er, quite a few years ago, we lived on top of a mountain. There were no hard cable, hardwire cables, to give us the Internet. So, we use a local company that did radio broadband. And they use lots of cables in the area. But they used radio signals, the most, to get it from house to house, mountain to valley.

So all these remote places, we were one of them, could get Internet. Really cool!

And we had a big problem, that suddenly happened with ours.

We were getting really good download speeds. It all worked really, really well. And, all of a sudden, we weren't getting anything. And it was really frustrating!

We had a phone line that worked through this system. We had, er, Internet that worked through this system, and
"Oh, it's definitely your fault, sir, it's, it's nothing with us, we're, we're brilliant. You're, you're got a problem at your end".

And I knew it wasn't us 'cos I'd checked. So I persevered, and they have eventually started checking, not just radio signals, but their own diagnostics. And they said

"Well, it's great. We've got a diagnostic signal. It's working fine".

Yeah, but it's still not working. And eventually, with some more, er, er, perseverance from me, they went out and checked some cables, physical cables, and they found one that sheep had eaten through, partly! Like I said, we lived on a mountain.

Erm, and the sheep had eaten just enough for the cable that we couldn't get an Internet signal, but they'd left just enough of the cable that the diagnostic, that the the company used, came back and reported, yep, there's a connection, it's not a problem.

So, it got me thinking about our connections, and our relationship with God.

Perhaps we, we could run a diagnostic on our Christian life and think, well, I prayed yesterday and I, I read me Bible last week. And so, you know, there's some signals going between me and God.

And the diagnostic might return and say, yeah, it's OK. There's a signal between this person and between God.

But is it a good signal or is it a really rubbish signal, that isn't really actually working very well?

So, my question, to you, and to me right now, is, are we really connecting with God or are we just connected with God?

Where is God trying to get us to go deeper in our relationship with Him?

Where is He trying to get us more connected with Him, rather than just connected with Him?

So rather than read our bible sometimes, we'll read or bible a lot.

Just a thought...

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Written by Andy B


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