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When you’re broken down you want to see a recovery truck.

When you’re broken down physically you want to see a doctor and a hospital.

When you’re broken down spiritually or emotionally, you want a compassionate person who looks like they have something of their life in good order.

It’s easy to only want to speak out, and to hear, nice and positive things. We all like that, and we all need that.

However, as Christians, in our journey to becoming more like Jesus Christ, it can’t all be positivity and things that make us feel warm inside. Because we are all sinners who have fallen short of the glory of God, because of the sin in our life. And dealing with sin can be painful as we accept things that are true, and seek to repent and then reconcile ourselves with God.

Do we have the right to speak into the life of someone else?

We can’t just go around trying to correct what we see as mistakes in others. But, within the church family, we do need to be speaking truth – both positive, and not so positive. And we need to ensure we are open to our church family holding us to account too.

Andy B

I was thinking in the week, last week actually, about having the right to speak into people's lives.

It's really good to speak to people and help to people, even as simple as I dunno, someone's got a flat battery in the car park and we drive in, and they're not getting on very well. Do we have the right to speak? And to help? Well what does that look like?

Well, if we the break down truck, a recovery truck, then we've got the right to speak into that situation, by the very nature of who we are, and what we are. But if we just turn up in our normal car, are they gonna want our help? Well, they might want a comforting ear.

We always carry jumper cables in our car, because we've had a flat battery befor. We know how frustrating that is. People willing to help us but not having those cables, to be able to join the batteries together. So we always carry us out just in case. Cost us 15 quid, 20 years ago. I've replaced them periodically, and they work fine.

Do we have the right to speak into people's lives? In church context it's often said, you know, don't don't share something with somebody at a church service, unless it's positive or uplifting. And as much as there's some good in that if we don't know the people, actually that's not a very biblical thing, either. Because as Christians, we have an obligation to be accountable, and to hold people accountable. That's part of consequences of Scripture.

So do we have the right to speak into people's lives? Well, how do we do that? Well, we need to make sure that we actually have been walking a good life. Just like that recovery truck, immediately we know exactly what it is. And that's the thing you want when you broken down?

Well, if someone's broken down emotionally, if we're broken down emotionally, what what do we need? Well, we need people who can speak into our life and to help us.

Sometimes we need some comfort. Sometimes we need a cup of tea and a chat and a biscuit and we'll all feel better. And sometimes we need someone to say you know what, this is wrong in your life, you need to make this right. This doesn't give us licence to go around to people we don't know and correct them. But it does mean, within the context of church family, we should be speaking to people, and be open to be spoken to. And then we need to go from pray and have wisdom.

Having the right to speak means we need to live a godly life, so that when we actually speak to people, they know who we are, and that we have the right to speak to them because of what they see in our life with Jesus Christ.

Just a thought.

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Written by Andy B


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  1. davidsdailydose

    14/03/2022 at 22:35

    Great thoughts, Andy! Often, we must earn the right to speak into the lives of others. We’re I live, in the Southern Mid-West of the U.S., folks are naturally friendly and open with each other–even as strangers. A dead battery in a parking lot in my home town would likely elicit a quick offer to help.


      14/03/2022 at 22:43

      Friendliness is exceedingly mixed in the UK. I’d say, really broadly and generally, that people get friendlier the further you move away from London.

      Andy B

      I’m sure yhet are people who may disagree with that…but that’s certainly been my experience…

  2. Alan Kearns

    14/03/2022 at 23:02

    As I listen to your message, I am aware of the need for discernment in the moment when faced with others in need. I know that such decision making has become more difficult over the years with my brain injury, thus I have to rely totally on an external source – His Holy Spirit guidance. I pray that when I get it wrong that He will wash it away with a wave of His Love. Thank you for this thoughtful devotion brother.


      15/03/2022 at 12:10

      Oh Alan, you’re so very welcome!

      Yes, we really do need the Holy Spirit to guide us. If we can’t help everybody, then there is a limited number whom the Lord may wish us to speak with. And, if that is true, then we all – most certainly – need that discernment to be able to know who it is that God wishes us to speak with, so we don’t take away from someone else’s gift, and so do we don’t get distracted by something God isn’t asking of us.

      And that is why I love how Jesus left us with the Comforter. Because He is somebody we all need, offering something we all can’t resist!

      Andy B

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