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With life it often seems like we have just two choices to make - wrap ourselves in plastic bubble wrap to protect us from falls and pain. Or we can wear a crash helmet and keep charging on!

Actually, I think there is a third option – a little bit of bubble wrap, a crash helmet, and some time planning out what is in front of us.

There’s always gonna be stuff that knocks us for six! However, more frequently if we’d simply taken a pause before charging along, we could have spotted the issues, or busyness, and figured out a better plan or route!

While falling off my motorbike many years ago, I had time to consider my actions. I knew the accident was coming before it happened. SO, I did the best I could do to jump off the bike and brace myself to tuck and roll. It worked pretty well and was a low speed spill. If I’d had more time to prepare, I’d have got the registration plate of the car that swerved across my path.

But we rarely get as much time as we’d like when bad things happen. I wonder how many people have actually bought a fridge or washing machine in a calm manner, rather than running in, grabbing the nearest one, and rushing back out to squeeze it in the car for the made dash home!

Life can do this to us. We can’t prepare for everything. But, if we have a busy day ahead, we can take time out to be with God, slow down, hush and pause, and create a better plan of attack – from a place of peace!

Just a thought...

Andy B

So another Andy B 2 Minute Video called Tuck and Roll, which may mean different things to you depending on how old you are, and where you are in the world. It could mean as simply as something goes wrong, you fall to the floor in a nice rolling fashion, and you keep going. And I've tucked and rolled a few times.

One time coming from home, home from work on a motorbike, a car cut a corner, forced me onto some gravel, I knew I was gonna hit the floor. So I braced myself, jumped off the bike and started rolling. Why? Because when we roll, it reduces the impac. It still hurt. I was still annoyed. A little bit of damage to the bike, and the person drove off, which was very upsetting 'cos I didn't get his registration plate.

However, sometimes it's good to Tuck and Roll, and we can't really be prepared. Things happen. We have to react. That's the way life can be.

At other times, however, we know what's coming a little bit like that accident that I had, we know what's coming, so we have some time to prepare.

It could be that you're walking along the road, the floor collapses and you drop through a hole. In one home we lived in we actually saw that happen. We watched the road open up. It was an old coal mining area and one of the coal mines sunk a little bit, and the road outside our house opened up and there was a massive hole, 20 foot across. Thankfully, nobody got hurt! The cars were able to stop. The bus did not drive into the hole, it was all fine.

Sometimes we don't have much time to react, we just have to live with what is, what is. But, if we've got time to react, then let's do that!

But what got me thinking about this is today was quite a busy day for me. I had quite a lot to do. Lots of video editing. We've got a book launch on Friday. I keep mentioning that because it's kind of exciting. So there's lots going on, above and beyond the normal stuff. Including all the household stuff, and making sure that there's wood in the house, and getting the washing sorted, and finishing the dishwasher, and reloading that, and cleaning the kitchen surfaces, cleaning the sink, all this stuff goes on!

But if you know you've got something busy coming, then you can Tuck and Roll by being ready. And this morning I was really busy, said goodbye to Jo, she went off to work, I did various bits that had to be done straightaway in the household chores area. And then I stopped for a little bit of time with God. That was me tucking and rolling, before the day began.

It's much easier to roll with resistance. It's much easier to be aware of what's coming, and if we can know about it, to factor it into our day, rather than letting it hit us across the face like a wet fish.

So, Tuck and Roll. Where have you gotta Tuck and Roll today? And if you've got a busy day tomorrow, get up a bit earlier and get yourself some time with God.

Just a thought.

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Written by Andy B


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  1. Alan Kearns

    22/03/2022 at 19:31

    Tuck and roll could also be the right way to react spiritually to a bad situation. This morning I got up feeling good with plans to catch up on some reading and writing, but I found myself suddenly floored by fatique and the plans went out the window. Instead I had to rest in God’s care…tuck and roll! There was no point in fighting it, I had to roll with it and trust Him. Just a thought (who says that?😁😉)


      22/03/2022 at 19:36

      That sounds like a good catchphrase that 😉 and yes flexibility is key and avoids us getting overly frustrated.

      Resting in God’s care sounds a good place to be! Although I definitely understand the frustration of waking up to find you don’t have the energy for whatever reason. I had two mornings like that last week. Just my medication reminding me I’m being assisted!

      Andy B

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