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Sometimes, the simplest solutions are the best – when something electronic freezes, hangs or stops working, turn it off an on again is often the simplest way to help it reset and start working again.

As a family we share a digital calendar and a digital to do list. It’s a great way of us each knowing what the others are doing, and helps us to stay on top of things like shopping lists, or cleaning lists which we’re all involved in. And a digital diary helps us know where we’re each at, and reminds us who is cooking dinner every night.

However, sometimes, those lists need to be resynchronised. And, when it occasionally gets really bad, we delete the app and reinstall it.

But we do this with God? Do we add things to His To Do list, or digital Diary, and just expecting Him to turn up as we asked Him too?

Or do we sometimes stop what we’re doing, check in with God, hit that resynchronise button and catch up with everything that God is asking us to do?

Just a thought…

Andy B

Another Andy B 2 Minute Video. And I was chatting with someone this morning and I ended up making a comment about synchronisation, and schedules. And I was thinking, through today, about how we set the schedules.

Maybe you use a digital To Do list? We do as a family. We can assign all sorts of tabs. And we can have stuff for shopping lists, and for cleaning routers, and stuff for the BerryBunch Ministry and we can see it all on our different phones, and computers and it's great. It all synchronises together, mostly.

But occasionally it becomes unsynchronized. And you can look at two phones next to each other. They're looking at exactly the same list. And yet, somehow, they're seeing a completely different list. And it can cause a little bit of confusion. Haven't had it for a while, thankfully, but we have had that problem. I've actually had to remove the entire app or wherever, from a phone in the past in order to reset it, 'cos it just doesn't work.

And sometimes in life, we have to switch things off and all again just to get them working. But as I thought about To Do list,s and I thought about schedules, I thought about our relationship with God. And I was thinking about how, often, we have this To Do list that we write down. And it's almost as though we're writing a To Do list for God, to do. It's almost as though we're adding things to a shared diary and it's like, 'here God this is where I'm going to be so bless this thing, and I'm going to be there at this point, God so make sure you there and do what you need to do'. We don't really ask God, do you want me to go here, and do this and that? And we don't actually tend to say Lord, what's your To Do list?

So have a think about your To Do lists, your Digital Diary, whatever it is, however you decide what you're going to do in a day. And let's make sure that we're going to God and saying 'God, what, what is it that you want me to add to my To Do list?" and "What is it that you want me to add to my digital diary?"

Just a thought.

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Written by Andy B


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