S04E014, Velcro Tabs, and Spot The Difference! Andy B 2 Minute Video

Avatar Andy B | 27/09/2021

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We have several items in our recording studio that are nearly identical. They may be the same length, or the same brand, they may just look really similar. And this can make setting up the studio entertaining, when you’re trying to connect one specific microphone, or whatever.

Andy B loves simple solutions to life’s troubles, so when he had given up trying to be patient plugging into cables, that he can never tell apart, he came up with a solution – velcro.

Depending on where you live in the world, it may have a different name – perhaps pull and hook, or something similar. But the point is that one side of the strip of fabric sticks to the others side, so when you wrap it around, say, a cable, it stays where you left it, and you can tidy up cables neatly.

Taking this one step further, Andy B fastened a pink velcro strip to ends of a cable, so now he knows which cable is plugged into which microphone, from just a quick glance.

But, can the people who see you as you go about your day, take a quick glance and see how you stand out, as a Christian? As somebody who follows Jesus Christ.

Sometimes, it can be useful to blend in, like with camouflage. But our love for Jesus Christ is not one of those things that should ever be invisible – when people see or meet us, they should be able to, easily, spot the difference between one of who goes to church, against one of us who loves Jesus: the two are not necessarily the same thing!

So, can people easily see that you are a disciple of Jesus Christ? Even if they don’t share the same vocabulary as you and I, they should still be able to see that there is something beautifully different about us, as the love, warmth and peace of Jesus Christ exudes from within us.

Just a thought…

Andy B

So another Andy B 2 Minute Video, and I have, in my hand, a little bit, erm, of Velcro.

It's got different names around the world but basically it's got soft stuff on one side and stuff that grabs it on the other. So, you can just about hear the sound.

Er, but the velcro tabs are great 'cos you can stick them on stuff and hold them together.

Erm, but today I was struck because, erm, Jo and I have just been filming one of our episodes of Little Blessings Online. We've got 2 identical microphones, 2 identical microphone holders. We've got two identical, identical cables that plug into the computer, with the same little logo on both cables.

How do we tell the difference between the two?

Well, we could plug it in, speak in to a microphone, mess around a bit, until we find the right one. Or, a simpler solution, we could mark one of those cables to look a little bit different. Which is where my velcro tab comes in. Because around one of the microphones, we've got a velcro tab. And at the other end of the cable we've got the same, coloured, pink, velcro tab.

So when we're plugging it into the computer we can see which one of these two identical, identical cables we're actually trying to plug in, and which one identifies to which.

Which got me thinking about our lives as Christians and how do people spot the difference? How can they tell the difference? Are you a Christian, are you just somebody goes to church. Because the two aren't necessarily the same thing.

So it got me thinking about what is it, that is about you, what stands out about you? What's different about you, that people around you, can spot the difference, and tell that you're not just someone who likes church, or God, or the Bible, but you're actually a disciple, and a follower, of Jesus Christ.

Just a thought.

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