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Modern Christianity has skewed how we see God and the devil. It has skewed God into some sort of best mate or pal. And we absolutely should see God as always approachable. But we should do so, seeing Him with the respect we’d have for an earthly father, than just a mate.

In the same way, we’ve seen modern Christianity skew our perspective on our enemy - the devil.; that we somehow have power over him, which we, of course do not. Any power that can be exercised over the devil, comes from the blood of Jesus, and the complete and final defeat that Jesus exe4rcised over the devil when He died and rose again three days later.

Any ‘power’ that we have, is not ours – but that of Jesus Christ.

So let’s approach God happily, and confidently, but also with reverence.

Andy B

So another Andy B 2 Minute Video.

This this one was inspired by a really good friend of mine, and a brother - from Scotland. His name is Alan, and if you want a really good thing to encourage you, erm whenever he posts, er go and look out for Devotional Treasures, which is a WordPress blog - and that's Alan.

Another really good one, which is also I'm going to touch on, is one by a guy called Andy Brown who is a lovely Christian guy and a brother as well - from the South East of England.

And these two men of God post various bits on WordPress and I found it really, really encouraging for my, er, journey.

And isn't that what it's about? Encouraging each other; edifying one another; building one another up - that's the Kingdom of God! I haven't physically met these guys, and yet their impacting my life, and my walk, and my family - because they're being honest about who they are in Christ.

Now Alan, today, posted a really great article called "Only what counts" and it's all to do with, at one level, how do we see what we're doing? Who is it we're seeing it for, and this is certainly what I picked up!

And quite often we, we've skewed Christianity, and our modern Christianity sees God as our best mate, and it sees the devil as somebody that we've got complete power over because we've got God.

But we're missing the point - quite fundamentally!

God should be someone with that we see as a friend, someone we can approach. But he's so much more than that because we should be seeing him, not as our best mate, but actually as a Heavenly Father; Lord of Lords; King of Kings; Jehovah Jireh, all these things are who God is.

But we should be approaching Him with some reverence. Not a very popular word; it's a very biblical word, but reverence means we will treat God with the respect that He deserves - as a Creator and Designer of us, and all that we see: as Lord of Lords and King of Kings, that 1st Commandment that Jesus reiterated, 'Love, the Lord your God with all your soul, with all your heart, with all your mind'.

He's not just the best of something, he is completely set apart from all the good things. He is more than that. He is God!.

So we shouldn't see him as just our best mate.

And we shouldn't see the devil as somebody that we have power over because we don't. We're human. We are fallible people.

The reason that we are 'more than conquerors' as Scripture teaches is because of the blood of Jesus; because Jesus has already defeated the devil; He's already defeated our enemy.

So as we go through the days and weeks ahead, let's remember that God is God. And we need to approach Him, reverence - more like a Heavenly Father; more like a loving earthly father, than our best mate.

We should still want to come to Him and talk to Him, but remember who He is.

But at the same time, let's remember that whilst we're approaching him with reverence any power or effect we have over the enemy is because of the blood of Jesus, not because of our own efforts - because the efforts of what Jesus has already done.

Just a thought.

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