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Andy B shared a post earlier today about working and walking in God’ strength, titled "Busy days and God’s rhythm"

That post started with these words…

“Busy day ahead? Make sure you stop before you start, so you’ll be able to finish!”

…before Andy went to look at how we can expound those words to make for more God like appear!

And how often do we charge into the day, because it is such a busy day, that we forget to ask what God had in mind for us, for that day, for His Kingdom?!?

Today, Andy did stop, and take some time with God, and the words of Isaiah 40 v 31, about soaring on wings like eagles, was very evident. Andy B got LOADS done; lots of edits.

Taking time out with God before a busy day isn’t a formula to success! But it is an important part of walking with God, at His pace, and in His rhythm.

And if we get that pace right at the start of the day, just like those eagles we’ll soar on the thermals of God, and cover as much ground as God had intended.

Andy B

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