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Andy B starts a 6 part series of Andy B 2 Minute Videos, all because he replaced a bike part, and God revealed many ways in which this part can teach all of us about life!

Andy B’s mountain bike came second hand, and happens to have had the wrong part fitted.

For 6 years Andy B struggled with issues, before finally replacing this one little part.

It’s an important part for sure, because it’s the bit that selects the gear on the back wheel of a bike!

But how often do we get stuck doing something we know we shouldn’t, more out of habit than any sort of addiction?

Andy B

So another Andy B Video and, er, this is an, a part of my Two Minute thing. And actually what I'm going to be doing over the next few Andy B videos is, erm, I replaced a part on my bike, on my mountain bike, and I've got a whole load of thoughts and ideas that I'm going to use in Andy B Videos. And I think I've carried 7, but we'll see how we go!


So what I've done is I've had to replace a part on my mountain bike. Erm, if you know about bikes it's called a derailleur. If you're watching this, you can see a picture of that. If you haven't got video right now, a derailleur is the bit that hangs down from the bottom wheel, the back wheel sorry. It hangs down the bottom, and there's two little cogs underneath, called a jockey wheel, jockey wheels, and it helps change the gears at the back, on the back wheel, on the sprockets on the different gears there.

And mine was broken so I thought.

And, er, what I'm going to go on to all sorts of different things in the coming, erm, episodes of Andy B 2 Minute Videos.

But what I wanted to start thinking about was, I've had this problem with my bike for, ooh, its about 5years now, 5-6 years. And when I bought the bike, erm, it was second hand.

I bought it from a business that sells second hand bikes. And it felt really good. And I had some problems with the front gears, and they weren't really working, so I had that replaced, and the bottom bracket which goes in between the pedals, with, inside the frame of the bike.

And I had all that replaced. And I still have this problem where when I was trying to peddle, it would not make me feel very safe, or confident. Because all of a sudden there'd be this big banging noise, and it would just shunt from one cog to another, at the back. And it's quite scary.

Now I've replaced the derailleur, which is the bit that controls where it's moving on that rear set of cogs, on the, on the sprockets at the back of the bike, on the back wheel. I've replaced that.

But I know that when I go out cycling again, even though it's a new part, even though it's been fitted right, even though I've got it working correctly on a stand, I'm gonna to be nervous the first time I put a lot of pressure to try and push up a hill.

And this is the thing with habits. We get these habits.

6 occasions, you've got a habit. 6 weeks of not doing it, breaks a habit.

And I know it's going to take me some time, mentally, to trust that this derailleur, the replacement part is actually going to work. And isn't that the case in life?

We get used to something. We start to trust it and then something changes, for good, or for bad. Something changes and now we've gotta trust that what wasn't, has actually changed.

But what has changed is now different from what was, and it can take a bit of time to readjust to that and as we are in our relationships with Jesus Christ, what we can find is that we have to let go of the past as become closer to Jesus.

We let go of who we were, to become more like Christ.

But lets trust that as we're doing that the change is good.

And let's trust the change has happened.

Just a thought.

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