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We all know the game spot the difference. Sometimes those differences can be so subtle, they can appear almost identical.

But look long enough, and you’ll start to see the difference. The longer you look at the two images, the more they can look the same. But if we compare to just one of them, those differences start to stand out!

It’s like with spotting counterfeit money – we check what the genuine stuff looks like, and the fake stuff starts to stand out.

And it’s like this in life, especially in churches, where spotting the ‘nearly right’ can give you a headache!

Thankfully, God has given us the Holy Spirit, and His Word – the Bible – as the source that never changes.

If we want to be able to know when what hearing someone teach of preach is really right, we need to listen to the Holy Spirit inside us, and know our scripture.

And if, like me, you struggle like me to memorise scripture, be at peace and know that if the Holy Spirit can warn a 5 year old – who had only been a Christian for a little over a year, and who could barely read – to spot false teaching, the Holy Spirit will just as easily help you and me spot it too, if we choose to listen to His voice.

Andy B

So another Andy B 2 Minute Video.

And I'm doing a series on my derailleur, which is a bit at the back of the bike. It hangs underneath the back wheel, and it helps the chain select whether you want to go to a smaller cog, or a bigger cog, depending on what you doing. And that's a derailleur. And mine was faulty and broken.

Now my 5 year old child, many years ago, we'd heard a sermon in a church. We were coming out the church, in the car, on the journey home, and he said dad that, that sermon was wrong. There was something wrong. And Peter was absolutely correct.

Now as a 5 year old he hasn't got that much of a knowledge of, of the Bible. He's been a Christian for just over a year, at that point. But the Holy Spirit in him knew there was something wrong. And Peter picked up on that. Even without a vocabulary, he knew something was wrong.

I knew something was wrong with my bike, and I've had various place, er, parts replaced. Didn't know what the problem was. I rang up a bike shop and he said 'oh this is happening? Well that that model of your, erm, derailleur shouldn't be on your bike. Yours, you've got an 8 speed bike, there's 8 cogs on the rear wheel. But that particular derailleur on your bike right now is for 9 gears, 9 cogs.'

So it's no wonder that I've been having a nightmare of a problem with this thing, never, actually working over the last few years. Bought it second hand 6years ago, it's always been an issue.

How do we know the source of truth? Well, with a bike part I went to a bike shop, 'cos that was the expert, and he gave me the right advice. It fitted with all the problems I'd had. I've now replaced the part.

Well with everything else the only source that we have that is true and right, is the Bible.

It's God's word.

So as we're going through life there's gonna be stuff, and sometimes we're gonna to think 'well that, that doesn't sound right, it doesn't feel right, it doesn't feel on my spirit like it's correct.'

And what we're saying, when we say that, is not we've based our everything on emotions, and feelings. But what we're saying is it's not quite right. We know somet's not right, and that's probably the Holy Spirit.

And how do we deal with that?

We go back to the source, back to the word, back to the Bible, back to God's word. We check it against that.

So as we're going through life there's gonna be stuff that we're gonna to think, 'that looks identical, but it's different. It's not quite right.'

Subtle differences.

It's like spot the difference.

Well we have the perfect source in Scripture, to know the difference.

Just a thought.

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