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Some days and weeks can be easier than others.

Sometimes, we can hit Tuesday morning and feel like the end of our working week is further than we can manage.

But God reminds, us repeatedly, that when we put our hands and lives in His, we’ll always what we need, to accomplish what He desires for us to accomplish – when we walk and work with Him

Andy B

Another Andy B 2 Minute video and I've been thinking about keeping on keeping on!

Because sometimes it can be quite hard to keep going. Er, we're working a 5 day week, which isn't that bad really - around Jo's work patterns.

But it is a bit confusing when she goes to work, starting on a Tuesday finishing on a Saturday and you get to Wednesday night and realise it's actually the second day, and not the 5th. And it can throw your head a little bit, erm, but it got me thinking about Keeping On Keeping On.

Because so often in life there are things that try and squash us, and prevent us, from moving forwards - for bad, for good: not all about the bad stuff.

But there are things that prevent us from moving forwards. Erm, but when we're tired, when we're run down, when we're not really thinking straight - have a glass of water, have a bit of a break, but it's good to go back to God and remember who Christ really is and  who God really is.

And I was thinking about the the account of creation, that God in 6 days made the Heavens and the Earth. And there's all this stuff flying about, with new animals coming in to be as He speaks them into life. And there's the Heavens and the Earth, and there's the separation of the water and the mountains, and all this stuff is going on within six, 24-hour periods. And yet we're sometimes struggling with five days - five 24-hour periods, and we're sleeping for some of those.

So when we're thinking, oh there's too much going on, there's no more going on than should be going on, if we're doing what God's asking us to do.

So, let's keep a handle on my busyness - it's easy to get busy, and feel good that you're doing stuff. But let's not forget that seventh day, that God took to rest.

We take that as a Sabbath, as a general rule, but the principal still holds even if your Sunday is not your rest day. Perhaps you work a 7, er, 6 day, 5 day week and Sundays is a work day for you. Well you still need a seventh day of rest. A time when it's different from the rest of the week - to stop, before God, and pause.

In Isaiah, Isaiah, it, er, it talks about how we can run like Eagles, sorry er fly like, sore like eagles. And we can run like the youth and all that kind of stuff.

But that comes when we come under God.

If you're struggling with the energy to get through another day, 'cos, oh, I'm tired, and, er, run down, have a pause, go to God; see what he's got to do in your life, what He wants to say, what He wants to be and where He wants you to be.

Let's not run ahead of, ahead of God, not, not lag behind. Let's check in with Him throughout the day.

Let's pray with Him; pray to Him; listen to Him; praise Him, thank Him. So that He can be the energy that we need, literally, for the day that we have, that He wants us to fulfil.

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