Andy B 2 Minute Video Vlog, Never Give Up. Never Surrender!, S3, E14

Doing what God asks us to do can often start out really exciting. But are we doing it to be liked, or get likes or more downloads?

Or are we serving God, out of obedience and trust?

If we’re serving God we’ll always get what is needed to do what God is asking of us. From his own experience, Andy B can recount many times that ‘that thing we need’ invariably comes much later than we’d prefer.

But the working out of our faith isn’t gonna happen without times when we don’t have all we think we need right in front of us.

Really growing faith, happens when we trust God for the things we actually need, but don’t yet have!

Andy B

Andy mentioned this song from the band Skillet, that’s well worth a listen –

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So another Andy B 2 Minute Video and we’ve just films for Endurance so we’ve got the set up, so I’m just doing in here – looks quite nice I think.

Erm, but, it, I’ve been thinking. I had a couple of chats with a really good friend of mine from Nigeria – Ollie – and, erm, do you know what? Sometimes we do things in life and we don’t know what it is that we’ve done, that’s encouraged, or helped, anybody else.

And he made my world today. He said ‘I’ve watched one of your Andy B Videos – on David and Goliath – and it’s really helping me, and I’ve learned this, and it’s doing that for me, and…’

I do these little two minute videos and I think, oh, what’s the point – sometime. But I put my heart and soul into it, and it’s really encouraging when we get that “thanks for doing this” back.

So I would encourage you, if you’re watching something – not necessarily from us – but if you’re watching some’t, and it’s really made a difference in your life, make sure you say thank you to the person that’s doing it; encourage them.

Now I’ve titled this “Never give. Up Never Surrender” and that’ll mean different things to you depending on who you are.

If you’re in this household it means one of two things: it either means we’re listening to Skillet again, and we’re listening to Never Surrender – which is an amazing song (we’ll link to that). Absolutely fantastic – if you ever think John Cooper, yeah, he’s alright. Yeah? Well listen to him when he’s doing an acoustic set with his wife, ‘cos he’s actually amazing: I cry every time – Never Surrender.

The other one is Never Give Up. Never Surrender. if you’ve watched the film Galaxy Quest that’s the line that comes out of that film. And in this household it means one of those two things.

If God has given you a vision, then go with what God is calling you to do, knowing that He’ll give you what you need. Because God always provides, for what He is asking us to do.

Here’s the caveat to that; the condition, if you like.

When God asks us to do stuff for Him don’t expect to have all the resources you need, in your lap, just before you go. It may well be – as I’ve heard enough times now that I don’t question this – when you’re paying for the ticket, the money is there in that cash drawer, or whatever it is for a train ticket; heard that enough times.

If God’s calling you to do something, give it all your heart.

Don’t do it for others.

Don’t do it for likes, or downloads, or comments, or whatever.

Do it because God’s called you.

Leave it with God and let the Holy Spirit do whatever He needs to do.

So, Never Give Up. Never Surrender!

Keep going with God’s vision, that He’s given you in your life!

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  1. Thanks for this encouraging message. And I must admit to being a bit of a fan of Galaxy quest!

    1. you and me both – our boys didn’t quite get it when they first watched it, but we never watched Star Trek etc with them – only Star Wars – so they missed quite a few of the references

      personally, i think it is a brilliant film, but then I REALLY love satire

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