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Avatar Andy B | 14/07/2021

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We get reminders to renew our house insurance, our car insurance, our breakdown cover and host of other things.

But do we put as much effort into ensuring our car doesn’t suddenly become illegal to drive on the road, or let our house insurance run out ; if we’re renting in the UK this is something we can’t, not, have.

Time with God can be so easily squeezed out of our days due to the unexpected things that crop up.

And with paper and digital diaries, we should have a good grasp of things we know are coming up – so do we put enough effort into ensuring that on our busier days, we’re leaving time for us and God?

We can’t do much about surprises and the unexpected! But we can do plenty about those things we have coming up which might take up our time.

Andy B

So another Andy B 2 Minute Video, and I was thinking about how we make our plans for the future. And we have diaries - whether that's a paper version or perhaps a digital one. Erm, we use a mixture of both, and a whiteboard - we've talked about that quite a few times, in terms of getting everything done within the week that we need to.

But what got me thinking about today's, er, title which was "Planning, Preparation and Puzzles" was quite often life can feel like a puzzle; how do we get from A to B; how do we fit all these different things in; how we gonna accomplish what we need to accomplish.

And sometimes the day can become so busy that God gets squeezed out the other side.

But there are a lot of things in life where we quite naturally plan ahead.

So if you drive a car in the UK you have to consider insurance, and breakdown cover, and having an MOT - once a year, if your car isn't brand new. And, er, I've just had a letter saying our breakdown cover is coming, sort of, towards the end of its cover - so we need to think about renewing that.

So I think, well, I don't want Jo to be out driving a car, or myself, and the car breaks down

So, I'm going to plan ahead and I'm going to get the breakdown cover re-sorted. So if we breakdown along come the, er, boys and girls in their, in their vans, with fixing things and tools, and they keep us on the road.

But do we have the same mentality about praying? Or worshipping? Or spending time reading the bible - do we put as much effort, and emphasis, on whether something coming up, in the way of what I want to do, when I normally do it, so I need to change that, so I'm going to plan ahead?

And it's a bit like the jigsaw puzzle - you start with the corners, and then you do the edges, and then you work your way in.

Well do we have that same mentality in our prayer life? And our Bible reading life?

Do we put the corners in? Do we then work on the sides of our life - spiritually?

So it got me thinking a little bit about puzzles, and planning, and preparation: if there's stuff that is coming up and it's getting in the way of what you normally do, we would find a way of working around it.

But we need to be doing the same in our Christian walks too, and planning to make sure that God is not squeezed out of our lives.

Just a thought.

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