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I’ve spent all morning working on my laptop. I plugged it in to make sure it wouldn’t go flat only to find I never actually inserted the mains plugs at the other end…

Is this what we’re like with our bibles and relationship with God - we have our bibles open, but we’re not reading them; we pray, but don’t listen – or simply use words that aren’t our own hoping they’ll be good enough?

Let’s  make sure when we’re spending time with God we’re speaking and listening too, and plug into the real source of all we’ll ever need, to accomplish everything that God wants to accomplish with us.

Andy B

So another Andy B 2 Minute Video Vlog.

And I've got this one titled "Plugged In and Not Switched On".

Erm, I was working away on the laptop this morning, erm, busily getting some stuff done.

I make sure it is plugged in; I plugged it into the back of a laptop; I put the plug near the plug on the floor - and of course didn't actually plug it in.

And it got me thinking about our relationships with God because God is always there; the mains power in my house, I'm very certain, will be there it's. It's always there really, just like God IS always there.

And yet if we pay the electricity bill, and we have a plug socket, and we have a mains socket, and we put the plug near to the main socket - it's not the same as plugging it in!

Which got me thinking about our Bible reading; our prayer life; that time spent with God.

Are we getting the plug near the main socket? Are we sitting there with their bibles open, but not actually reading it? Are we praying, but just going through the motions of reading stuff out? Or are we actually can be praying and talking to God - and talking means listening to God too.

Are we gonna to open the Bible and see where He takes us, or are we gonna be even more strategic than that and actually have a plan - so we know what we're gonna read; we know what we need to read - and get on with it.

It's very, very easy to have the plug socket right next to where the main socket is in our life with God (as a metaphor).

I had it merrily plugged in.

I was working away.

It was only when the alarm on the battery started beeping at me - that I realised there was something wrong.

Let's make sure when we're spending time with God, and we're reading the Bible or we're praying, or whatever - that we're not just plugged in, but we're actually switched on as well.


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