Andy B 2 Minute Video Vlog, Prayer, Reverence and Confidence, S3, E20

A wonderful friend of Andy B – Olly, from Nigeria – posted a really funny look at how Africans and Nigerians pray, against how the rest of the world prays. You can watch that on YouTube

As funny as it is, it also should make all Christians a little uncomfortable because doesn’t it wonderfully illustrate how we can come to God ourselves?

We come at God, reminding Him of His failings; how God has not done what we expected or told Him He should do; how He really needs to trust us ‘cos we’ve got this and just need Him to do His part.

While we should be familiar with God, we need to keep in perspective who He truly is.,

And we need to remember that He loves us, and that love doesn’t mean giving us what He want.

Just like any loving father, God wants what is best for us. And that is rarely what we think is best for us!

Andy B

You can Watch the video, Listen to the Audio, or Read the transcript – below!




So another Andy B 2 Minute Video and this one I’ve titled “Prayer Reference and Confidence”.

Now yesterday, er, the last episode – I was talking about how we approach God, and how modern Christianity has skew, skewed our relationship with Jesus Christ and with our God, who we look at and how we look at Him and all that kind of stuff so go check that out.

But a really good friend of mine called Olli – from Nigeria – posted a really funny video. Erm, he titled it ‘How Nigerians pray’ and the video actually is about how Africans and Nigerians pray, against the rest of the world and go and watch it we’ve linking it for you as well.

But it’s really great because it’s quite cringy, it’s very funny, and as a Christian of many years I recognise sadly, some of the ways in which the ‘man’ is shouting at God, I do.

And I’m guessing probably, almost certainly, so do you!

And we don’t come to go with humility and say, Lord, what’s your heart? What is it you want me to do? How can I change to become more like you?

We come at God and we’re shouting at Him, and we’re telling him what he’s getting wrong, we’re telling him what He needs to do and we’re telling Him where He’s failed and we’re not not saying ‘Lord, what is it that I need to do for you? How can I serve you better? How can I become more like you?

So watch the video!

It’s really funny – that my friend Olli’s posted. Erm, but if you’re a Christian in the world, that video should be funny and uncomfortable, because how often do we come to the throne of God, not with open hands, saying ‘Lord, how do I become more like you?’

But how often do we come saying ‘God, well you’ve fail to do this God, and you screwed up there Lord, and well, that’s a bit of a mess – let’s not go there. So what I think God, is, you need to listen to me. I’ve got this. Don’t worry – just back me up and do what I tell you to do and it’ll be good.’

What we should be doing is coming to God and saying, Lord, make my heart like yours. How can I become more like you?

Just a thought.

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