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We’ve recently had to change the software we use to edit the audio on everything we do!

It was a bit of a shock to think I’d have to unlearn a bunch of stuff, in order to use something new.

And, of course, it meant finding something new……….

In life, as with this software issue, things can come up which cause us issues. They may be fairly small issues – like audio editing software! Or something life defining like a tragic accident, or losing a job when you’re the only bread winner in your home.

But, we can choose to continue to let it define us, or accept we need to change and roll with the resistance!

For us, following a tiny amount of effort we found some new editing software, which is actually leagues better than the last one we used.

I wonder where God may asking you to surrender something, simply because He has something much better for us to take hold of. But, God being such a gentle God, is waiting for us to unclench our hands and take hold of what He has for us.

Andy B

Andy B 2 Minute Video Vlog and, erm, I was thinking about software and change!

And we've just had to change the audio software that we use - that does lots of edits; it makes everything sound so much better, and nicer.

And, er, there's been some changes in how, this, the policies for this software are, and it's open source, but people have now sold it, and it's all bit messy and complicated.

Long story short, someone recommended some much better software; we're now using that.

And having gone from a period of 'yeah but I know how to use this software' and 'what am I gonna do' we've now got something that's amazing; much simple and much more effective and actually better quality too. And it's free for 60 days, and we'll buy it at the end of that, and it's really quite cheap - it's great.

But so often in life we have situations that come along where we think 'but I don't know what to do now - I've lost my job, and well I was going down that road and now I've got to go that way, and I was quite happy going that way'.

And it all gets very, very messy!

And that's life - maybe Covid happened, and you lost your job; maybe you're in the military and you've lost a limb, or you've had a really traumatic accident which has physically or emotionally scarred you: it defines who you are; it defines the life that you had, and that you're going to have.

And we either lose hope when that happens, or we see it as a hurdle; as something we can get over. Yeah it's there. It's an obstacle, but we either can get past it or we can't.

Erm, the software got me thinking about this because we've had to change something that I was quite happy with and quite familiar with.

We've had unemployment foisted upon us by some really unpleasant people, completely unnecessarily - just wanting to be cruel well.

Well that happens. That's life I'm afraid.

And what do you do that point?

Well we were hurt by that; we didn't crumble - because we had God. God send people to support us and we carried on.

And that's the point about change - when we're with Jesus Christ, no matter what happens to us, whatever people might do at us - or to us - we can know peace, and joy, and hope!

And whatever people are doing to you, or doing to me, it might be cruel, but if it is - let God be the judge of them.

John 3:16's a really powerful piece of scripture that just encompasses the whole; it just summarises the whole Bible - basically, Jesus is the Way to Heaven!

If you want to know heaven and he want to be heaven in this life, and you want to know Heaven in the next…and Jesus is the way to have that - a relationship with Jesus.

And he helps us to change from who we were, to a much better version of who we can be with Christ in our life.

And as we let go of the things, who, that we kind of think 'well that's me' that 'if I let go of that I won't be myself'.

Well you will be, but you'll be a better version of you - when you've got Jesus in your heart and your life.

So let's let Jesus be the guide to the direction we travel. Let Him guide us to the paths which are best for us.

Just a thought.

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