Andy B 2 Minute Video Vlog, Don’t Miss God!, S3, E7

Andy B was inspired by a post, written by a friend, that reminded us all that sometimes we can be surprised when God does answer our prayers.

Also, while filming Little Blessings Online, Andy was thinking about how Dave the Dog had thought of that talking bush, that Moses encountered.

In our lives, are we hearing the bush, or the voice of God?

Let’s not miss what God is doing or saying, by being surprised He is doing or saying anything. He is, after all, a loving father, who delights in His children.

While this doesn’t mean we’ll simply get everything we want, let’s at least be expectant that God is wanting to bless us and answer our prayers!

Let’s not miss God!!

Andy B

You can Watch the video or Listen to the Audio – below!



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