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Andy B was inspired by a post, written by a friend, that reminded us all that sometimes we can be surprised when God does answer our prayers.

Also, while filming Little Blessings Online, Andy was thinking about how Dave the Dog had thought of that talking bush, that Moses encountered.

In our lives, are we hearing the bush, or the voice of God?

Let’s not miss what God is doing or saying, by being surprised He is doing or saying anything. He is, after all, a loving father, who delights in His children.

While this doesn’t mean we’ll simply get everything we want, let’s at least be expectant that God is wanting to bless us and answer our prayers!

Let’s not miss God!!

Andy B

So another Andy B 2 Minute Video vlog.

Got me thinking a little bit, today. Just been reading a post from a great friend of mine who was talking about how he's prayed for something. God's done something. And he's like, 'oh, wow, God's done something.' And how often do we pray, and then actually forget that, well, God is the God of miracles, and He does amazing things.

And as we were recording Little Blessings earlier, Jo and I, and the boys, I was thinking about Moses in the burning bush, which we're looking at. And we told the story, with the help of Dave the dog, which always helps. But when the Bush speaks, do we hear the bush speaking and thinking, 'wow, isn't that amazing nature'? Or do we hear the voice of God speaking in a miraculous way?

'Cos so often in life, there's stuff that goes on and happens, and we can miss who God is. That's why it's always good to be thankful and to put ourselves right with God's who don't get full of ourselves. So, we can say, You know what God is the God of, of the miracles. So, when some't bad happens, we can still praise God. And when something good happens, we're not saying 'hey, look at me'. Actually, we can say, 'yeah, this is still to the glory of God'.

So, it got me thinking about Moses and that bush. Got me thinking about my friends post, about how we can pray for things and then God can answer. And we almost forget, we prayed. And we're surprised and quite shocked.

And how often is that the case for us?

Been a mixed week for us is a BerryBunch. We had some good days, and some less good days. We've had some great filming days. Some none, not so great filming days., We've got some microphones that are working really well, so that's made everything much easier. And it's taken a bunch of work off me.

And the other thing that struck me, this week, is, where are we wasting our time where it's not so much saving money or saving time? But where are we wasting time, and you know, there's a much easier way.

Quick example. So, when I'm doing a bunch of editing, we edit for Endurance, and we edit for Little Blessings. If I'm doing those two simultaneously, it gets very complicated. So, I need to do one thing, and then I can do the other thing. And I save time.

And one of the little things I've done, I've discovered you can do transcriptions which can be turned into subtitles, and I've got this really little simple formula that I use. I do some transcriptions in Word, that creates a text document. I then stick it onto YouTube with the video. It then gives me timings. I download that put it through a website, it gives me another one that Facebook can use. It's all a bit convoluted and complicated, but I can get done what I want to much more easily.

So, sometimes it's a bit convoluted.

But, what's the journey that God's taking you on?

Let's not miss God speaking to us, because we're so blown away by the bush.

Let's hear the voice of God speaking through the bush, or from behind the bush.

Let's not miss what God's saying to us in these coming days.

And let's not be surprised when we pray. He answers our prayer. it's always a good thing. Let's not forget that.

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