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When a well runs out of water, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there is no water left – just that the water table may have dropped, so our well runs out of water. When we dig down a bit further, we find that water again, and our fill will be filled with water once more.

And in our relationship, and walk, as disciples of Jesus Christ, we can often feel as though God has moved away from us.

Sometimes it is because we’ve allowed sin to get in between us and God, which makes us feel further from Him. In effect, God really is further away, because the unrepented sin pushes us apart, metaphorically speaking!

However, those times when we feel that God has moved away, can be great opportunities for us to be pulled to dig deeper in our relationship with God.

Just like with a well – when we’ve used up the water, it may keep refilling for us, but we may have to dig deeper too, to find that precious, life sustaining liquid!

Andy B

So, another 2 Minute Andy B video. Erm, and I was reading a post the other day, and it was a really, really good post, and it was all about wells and digging. 

And it got me thinking about digging wells, our relationship with Jesus, and all that kind of stuff. Because so often you find with the well that the, the water table can drop and, all of a sudden, the well that you had dug now doesn't have any water in it. 

And if that well is your only source of water, it's the kind of thing you take notice of, and it's the kind of thing you pretty quickly put, right!

So, you dig a bit deeper until you get back to the new water table, and you get water back in your well. 

But that got me thinking about our relationship with Jesus. Because so often we can dig that well, and it's a 6 foot down well, and there's the water.

But we use up the water, and then, all of a sudden, the water table shifts. And our relationship with God shift, because now we've gotten to know him quite a bit better. Well? The water table, that He is, moves down and it causes us to run out of water, get angry at God, and think why have you abandoned me. Or, then to think, oops, sorry about that,  God, dig a bit deeper and we find more water. 

Jesus is the living water. God, the word of God? It's a living water. It isn't just black bits of text on a white background. It's real, it's alive!

So, if you're feeling as though you've dug this well, with your relationship with Jesus, and you've got access to Jesus Christ, and it's all good, and you're drinking Him in, and all that kind of stuff, and all of a sudden you've got sand instead of, in , in, your hands instead of water, it may well be that the water table has dropped. That God has simply encouraged you to dig deeper into Him.

Which means getting a shovel, digging a bit further down, and that hard work and effort will be rewarded by more water.

It's not that God moves away from us to trick us into doing stuff. He's not moving away to irritate us, or annoy us. 

But it's a really good metaphor, I think, of how our relationship with Jesus can be, that, that, God wants us to dig deeper for Him. 

So, if you feel like you've got sand, instead of water, in your hands, and the relationship with God has gone dry, it might be time to get out a shovel, and dig a bit deeper to get a deeper relationship with Jesus and re-find that life changing water of Jesus Christ.

Just a thought. 

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Written by Andy B


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