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Being able to tell the time is a benchmark in our family. As each of our children has learned to tell the time, on an analogue clock, they get their first wrist watch - and a special trip with Dad to go pick out their very first wristwatch.

Knowing what time it is, at any point in the day, can be incredibly useful - so we’re not late for work (I’ve been there), or collecting the children from school (I’ve done that), or being in the house so a parcel can be delivered – even if you know that that 0800 to 1300 window of time you’ve been promised simply isn’t going to happen (I’ve popped out and missed it expecting them to fail to deliver when they said they would).

Every year we mark time by celebrating birthdays, and Easter and Christmas, or an Anniversary. And time marks occasions - reading the time helps us not miss out on those occasions! Well, mostly, anyway. Admittedly I’ve been late taking medication, despite having two alarms, that go off twice a day to remind to me to make my medication at the right time!

Knowing the time is great. Being able to tell the time is even better. But it only helps if we do what we’re supposed, at the appropriate time.

Habits can develop which help us. Triggers can render us needing to know the time, useless. For example, if the sun has gone down, it is no longer daytime, but time for bed!

Sometimes our reliance on technology can be a real issue, because unless it is working properly, and functioning correctly, and has been set right, that expensive gadget becomes just a useless paperweight.

And, for those of a certain age, it didn’t matter if we set the timer on the video recorder, if we didn’t also tell it which channel we wanted it to record. And even if we did set the channel right, someone can always come along and change the channel to something they wanted to watch, not know you’ve set a timer, and you lose your recording anyway.

Am I showing my age?

Andy B

So, another Andy B, 2 Minute Video, and I was wondering what time it was.

We've got a little clock here. It was Jo's alarm clock for quite a long time. There's a small little button on the top, that you slide. And you can set the time, you can turn the alarm on, you can turn the alarm off. And over time, as Jo used this alarm clock, which she really enjoyed, and it's in really good condition, a s far as a clock face is concerned, the little slidey thing on top stopped working.

Now, we didn't get rid of the clock, because it's really good. You can light it up. And it's really easy to see. And for a time we've had it quite a long time actually in our lounge. And it sits on top of some DVDs, about waist height, and wherever you are in the lounge, you can look around and you can, you can spot the clock and you can see what time it is.

Well, of late, everyone's been walking in the lounge and we've all been saying What time is it?

Every one of us has a watch, or a phone, or methods of knowing what time it is. And, yet, we're all walking in the lounge saying "What time It Is? We've got so used to this clock, that we look for it, and it's not there anymore, because I've moved it into a study where Jo and I share a desk. And that's where this now lives.

So, we're going into the lounge saying What Time Is It?

We've got so used to seeing this thing on the side, now it's not there, we're not quite sure what to do. And like I said, the daft thing is we've all got either a watch or phone, so we know what time it is. But it's good to know what time it is. Whether it's because you've got to go to work, or go to school, or you've got to go and turn the oven off, or on, or I don't know. There's loads of reasons why we need to know what time it is.

I take tablets twice a day, at a specific time, so I've got to know what time it is when I take those. What time it is, is important. But sometimes it's also good to not know what time it is. At 3am in the morning, when I'm fast asleep, I don't care what time it is. That's okay.

But it got me thinking about What Time Is It, because we can get so fixed on something, so reliant upon something, that we don't think of another way of dealing with a problem. We've got so reliant upon using this clock, none of us is even looking at our watch in the lounge.

So my little Just A Thought moment today is why do we get so reliant? How do we stop being so reliant?

Let's not be so reliant on things that, when they disappear, we don't know what to do?

Just a thought.

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Written by Andy B


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  1. Alan Kearns

    11/03/2022 at 21:39

    Your thought today reminded me of a recent outage we had in our Internet which lasted for a whole morning. Suddenly we realised how reliant we have become on WiFi devices!

  2. davidsdailydose

    12/03/2022 at 03:13

    Your video today reminds me of people I have known and admired. I got used to having them around, but now they are gone. Yet the impression they made upon me, through God’s design, still remains.


      12/03/2022 at 10:32

      I can definitely understand that David, of people who have either passed away, or we have simply lost contact with. Some of those folks impact me every day, even 20 or 30 or 40 years on.

      We can never know the full extent of the legacy of what we do for others. It’s a good reason to be more deliberate in working on, and thinking about, how we come across to others.

      Andy B

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