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Time. The one sure thing we can be certain of is that time cares not for how we’re doing. It doesn’t go faster when we need it to. And no matter how much we will it, it won’t slow down either.

Times marches ever on!

For our online Ministry we’ve taken to doing the bulk of our weekly filming on a Saturday. It doesn’t take up the whole day, but it saves loads of time overall. We’ve given that day over to filming our work – the editing comes later during the following week.

Sometimes things go well, and sometimes, well, they just don’t! And on our last filming day we watched the time racing away from us while we had to deal with numerous problems that cropped up. By the end of Sunday, our weekend had simply not gone as planned, and we were really tired!

If experience has taught me anything it is that we will almost certainly stay just as tired until the following weekend, when we can try having a rest, once again! Meanwhile, we just have to keep going, putting one foot in front of the other.

In our walk with God it can feel as though nothing goes right from our end! But we need to keep trying to move closer to God, no matter what our watch or clock is telling us, or how well our day, or week is going.

And if you’re really tired, take a pause, a deep breath and press on!

Just a thought…

Andy B

So another Andy B 2 Minute Video, and I'm sitting in my car thinking about all sorts of things. And this idea just popped in my head.

We do filming on a Saturday, for all our Berry Bunch material. And it's kind of an intensive day. But it actually saves time over the week, 'cos we're only having to set the studio and the computer up once. And it's actually quicker overall. So we take a day, and we don't take a whole day, but we take Saturday, and we've given that to God, and we do what we can, and we get the filming done. And then during the week, I then edit it, and we upload it and all that stuff.

Saturday did not go well! Our filming day was pretty pants, to be honest. We had a major technological issue in the morning, which meant it just didn't work. We couldn't get the computer to work, right. And the software that we use, that kept crashing, and we lost about two or three hours, which is quite a lot, quite honestly.

We rallied and we got it done. And we got everything finished, we got a brand new project that we're working on, we got that filmed. And yeah, it was all good in the end. But because we didn't really have the day we wanted, by the time we got to Sunday, we were quite tired. So we started the week, every one of us Monday morning, which was yesterday as I'm recording this, and we were exhausted, we were just, we're starting the week tired. And sometimes we have that. It's no fault of our own. It's not a lack of sleep. It's not that we're doing things that are stupid, or silly, or foolish or anything else. We're just tired because things have gone wrong.

So this week, there's five of us in the house who look like we all need a permanent caffeine injection. And we're probably gonna be like that all week long, until we get to Saturday and Sunday and have another rest. Experience has taught me much. But you have to keep going.

Chatting with one of my lads yesterday, he's doing some really good advanced studies. And he's like, 'I can't concentrate'. And he was getting really frustrated. It's like 'why can't I do this?' And I was like, it's a good lesson in life. Sometimes you're going to be tired, and you're not going to have 100% of yourself to give. So you give what's left. And that's the best you can do. Just keep working away as best you can. Tomorrow's another day. So he had a run 'cos he wasn't getting anything done. He was a bit frustrated. He went out for a run. It helped him he came back. He got his work done. Still wasn't doing particularly well in terms of being able to concentrate. But he relaxed, because we all have those days when things don't quite go the way that we want. But all we can do? Just keep going. That's it. Just keep going.

Just a thought.

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Written by Andy B


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