S04E055, When Enough is More Than Enough, Andy B 2 Minute Video

Avatar Andy B | 29/03/2022

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It’s a great thought to seek to only give God our best. But we need to check whether giving God what we have, and making sure that is the best we can offer, doesn’t become assigning human values to what we think God will want from us.

While grabbing some time with Jo, Andy B drove her to work. This meant they had some time together while Jo worked a half day, that they wouldn’t have otherwise had together.

And we should want to give God our best. We should desire to set aside quality moments of deliberately set aside time with God, each and every day. But God doesn’t time how long we spend with Him. He doesn’t check which bible version we have open or if we have a bible open at all. He doesn’t verify whether our prayers are spoken, or written, or whether we’ve watched the latest devotion from an ordained minster before sitting down God for a set period of time. Because what God desires is our heart.

If you find yourself, on the odd day, having less mental energy, or less physical time – to give to God – then give Him what you have. All God wants is our heart. The rest will follow.

If we only ever give God the scraps from our day, every day, then we need to look at that – we need to be giving God our best. But our best doesn’t necessarily mean what we think we mean.

Don’t wait until the conditions are right before you sit down with God. If all you have is a few minutes left, give Him that – it is amazing what God can do, with our smallest of offerings, when what we offer to Him is all we have.

Andy B

So another Andy B 2 Minute Video, and I'm not in the studio. I'm out and about today.

So I brought Jo to work. She had some stuff to do, she's got a half day to day, to work partly in the office, partly at home. So it is a Commute Date, a Date Commute, if you will. So I'm getting some shopping done, and it's, you know it's quite good to get some bits and pieces done, that I otherwise might struggle. Fuel prices are not great. So, hey, it's making use of the car the best we can. So that's why I'm not in the studio today.

But it got me thinking about how I'm grabbing some time with Jo. So we've brought a couple of flasks of tea, and coffee for Jo. And we had a nice chat on the way in, and it's about 30, 35 minutes in the car each way. So it's been quite nice to grab some time together.

But it got me thinking about when we're grabbing time with God. Do we sometimes think, well, I can't get a proper, quiet time, I can't do a real devotional, I don't really have a good hour to set aside, so, you know, I'll wait until I've got a better day. And maybe you're thinking, well, God is the God of the universe. So I need to only be with Him if I can give Him the right amount of time and give my best and all I am. But sometimes all we have is not much. And the wonderful thing about what we see in Jesus Christ, and the model He's, he's given us is we don't have to bring an hour, or two, of proper Bible led devotion.

If all we ever do is grab time to be with with God, then there maybe we need to look at that. But actually, sometimes, giving God those few moments we've got, that's very precious if that's all we've got left. God isn't after an hour. God is after our heart. So if you've been struggling with, 'I haven't got enough time to give to God' or 'I can't give my all to this, I can only give Him a 2nd arrow prayer', that's all God desires. Because all God desires is our heart. Yeah, it's great to have longer times with Him. Of course it is and we should do! He's worthy of that. But if you haven't got much time because your day is just not like that, give God what you've got, even if it's a few moments.

Today, I've grabbed some time with Jo. And it's great. Half an hour. It's not a lot in a day. And I'm driving, and we're chatting. But it's valuable because it's what we had. And all Jesus wants is what you have.

Just a thought.

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Written by Andy B


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  1. Alan Kearns

    29/03/2022 at 21:10

    A great thought today brother, it reminded me of the widow’s offering in Mark 14…she gave what she had in love even though it was not a lot. That is the type of offering God loves, be it in money or in time.

    • BerryBunch.family

      29/03/2022 at 21:45

      yes, the widow’s mite came to my mind too

      if we all have is all we give, then all we have given is more than enough.

      thankyou Alan for your encouragement

      Andy B

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