Sitting in my lounge one morning, and I could see lovely, beautiful, skies out of one window. Turn my head, and a window on the other side of the house only showed dark, ominous looking clouds.

And life can be like that. Depending on where we’re looking, or even how we’re looking at it, things can appear very different based on our perspective.

And we can choose how we wish to see life.

We can’t do anything about surprises happening, be they good or bad. But, we can prepare ourselves better for the vast majority of things we face, each day.

But, sometimes, when we’re feeling really low; when we’re having a really rubbish day, it can be as simple as lightening our shoulders by simply changing our perspective.

Andy B




So, another Andy B 2 Minute Video and I've called this one Whiplash Weather, simply because I was sitting in our lounge the other morning, desperately trying to have a quiet time.

And we've got two windows on both sides of the lounge and two skylights. And as I looked at the one side of the house, there were lovely sunshine trying to stream through the windows. It was very bright. It looked lovely and warm.

When I looked out the other side of the house, through the left hand window, from my perspective, all I could see was dark clouds, and grey and dull and I was expecting a downpour of rain, and I'd just put my washing out.

So, on the one hand, I've got sunshine, and a lovely warm breeze, and on the other side, I've got dull, dark and grey and a bunch of rain. Hence, Whiplash Weather 'cos I could look from one side to the other, and it was kind of a bit weird.

But, it got me thinking about our perspectives, and where we look, how we look. Are we looking at the situations around us?

That morning, I was really trying, determined to have a quiet time with God. I'd spent two hours. There weren't really any interruptions that stopped me. I wasn't all that distracted. But, things kept on coming up that I needed to sort out. And my quiet time never really happened.

And here's the thing! The Bible doesn't ever tell us to have a quiet time. What it tells us to do is to take regular time out, to listen to God, to be with God, to read scripture. But, it doesn't tell us to have a quiet time as such.

And I was beating myself up. I've got to have this quiet time. But, since there is no prescription, or formula, for what we're supposed to do, or how it's supposed to look, I really shouldn't have been beating myself up. And I was getting more, and more, looking at the dark window.

And, actually, I'd got to the end of the day, and it struck me how much I'd actually accomplished. I'd done loads of stuff during the day. Done loads of washing, and fixing the house we've just moved into. And, did loads!

A really, really productive day. And yet my perspective kept on steering towards the dark clouds, and the grey, and the dull.

So, my thought for you today, with this, is we cannot serve two masters. I couldn't look to the left and to the right. I can only look to the left, or the right. I can only look to the dark or the light. I can only look to the devil or to Jesus. I can't serve two masters.

So, we need to be careful with whatever we're doing, however successful or unsuccessful we're being, that we're looking the right way. Which means looking towards Jesus Christ. Towards that light and that hope.

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Written by Andy B


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  1. davidsdailydose

    16/02/2022 at 04:01

    Excellent, Andy. Just what the doctor (the Lord) ordered for this very moment in my life. Two windows definitely presented themselves to me today. Please pray for our son, H. He is still struggling. Thank you, brother.


      16/02/2022 at 09:58

      I’ll be praying for your son, but of course my brother. For peace, for healing, for wisdom, for comfort.

      This is what I most appreciate about this particular, blogging, community of believers – building each other up, edifying one another, sharing prayer needs, working to build His kingdom and so much more. It’s so very encouraging and uplifting!

      Happy this one was beneficial to you 🙂.

      Andy B

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