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It’s easy to be bamboozled by people telling us their truth.

And we’ve seen, during COVID, media sources confuse everybody by spreading their own opinions, while calling their opinions fact and, at the same time, deleting and blocking any, and all, comments that they simply didn’t like. The truth has been belittled to opinions, just shouted ever louder!

MSM means Main Stream Media – I had to look it up. And the trouble with MSM is that they do exactly the same thing as social media, only they do it while wearing business suits on our television sets.

So, where on earth, do we seek out the actual truth? Certainly not from fact checkers, who have already been forced to admit that they are nothing more than opinion think tanks, and not – as we were told – conveyors of the absolute truth.

In courts, a line is used about the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. But, how can we find that? Where is it?

Well, as Christians, a great way to find the truth is to simply go back to what the Bible says. It is not, of course, going to tell us about the finer points of the current situation in Ukraine and the terrible, unprovoked atrocities being maliciously perpetrated by the Russian forces against the Ukrainian people. But it does help us find the truth, none the less!

So, if you – like me – don’t know where to turn for information and news, since all the news outlets have long abandoned any actual news reporting, and have drifted into what they repeatedly have started labelling as opinion pieces instead, read around the subject and check with scripture. Find a number of sources, including from news sources you wouldn’t prefer to read.

And trust that the Holy Spirit WILL guide us to the truth, if we ask Him. James 1 comes to mind here!

Ultimately, however, the reason why I say the bible helps us seek out the truth amongst the myriad of news reports we can read online, in newspapers, on apps and on our televisions, is because it tells us how to respond, and why people behave in a certain way.

If we know the why, it helps us understand the what much better. And, so like so much else, it helps lead us not into worry, but into action, and to prayer!

Andy B

So, another Andy B 2 Minute Video. And I was reminded of an old TV programme called Whose Line Is It Anyway? Which was a comedy chat kind of thing, which was great. But it got me thinking about whose truth is it anyway?

Through COVID, we've seen so many fact checkers, 'and that's not true', and this is the right information. And social media has been the worst at this, the worst culprit. They've even admitted that they're fact checkers. It's just an opinion of someone, that they think this. But, here's what happens when you do that, 'our opinions more important than yours, so we're going to delete your opinion, because our truth matters'. Hence, whose truth is it anyway.

I was reading through the BBC website and it really, really irritated me. I got quite angry actually. Because, as we see Russia invading Ukraine, and indiscriminate killing of victims, children, people being murdered, in the street, in their car with a tank driving across the top of it, just because. What do I see on the BBC? Fact checking the images. And they're working through all these images. Do you know what? Just delete that page, please. Because, honestly, there's more important things right now, then, 'is this image really from Ukraine in the last'? Do you know what there's more truth? Hence, whose truth is it anyway?

Let's be honest, let's be wise. But the truth, the only truth, that has any relevance in life, comes from Scripture. It's the only source of truth that matters.

So, if you want to know what's really going on in Ukraine, go and read your Bible. If you want to know what's really going on during COVID, go and read your Bible. If you want to understand why is it Canada is behaving, particularly, in such a way against their citizens? It's in the scriptures. It's all there!

It may not say exactly why, and some of those are quite political and I make no apology for that. However, when we want to know what's going on in the world, the only truth that matters is not what we see on social media, or from the government, or from our friends, or from anywhere. The only truth that has any relevance is from scripture, which is why testimony today that we do, now, is so awesome. Testimony, real accounts, real stories from real people that's happened to them.

So, whose truth is it anyway? Check it out, but go back to the Bible.

Just a thought.

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Written by Andy B


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  1. Beth Alisan

    07/03/2022 at 23:10

    “Whose truth is is anyway? Check it out. Go back to the Bible.” I love that closing statement Andy! The Bible the ultimate fact checker and only tool for understanding the world around us.

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