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My family and I have an online ministry.

“This Is Who We Are!” and “This Is What We Do!” may well be taglines that we use. But they’re also very true.

“For Free, For All” is another tagline we’ve started using, which also sums up – well – why we do what we do!

With that in mind I saw on Alan’s brilliant blog – Devotional Treasures – that he has various ways of promoting his blog beyond WordPress (which is the blogging part of his blog!). Two of those are Tumblr and Twitter – so you can now follow the on these two platforms. Come say hi.

Additionally, you can still also stay in touch – with what we’re doing – via our existing social media accounts – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and DingDash. Of course, there is also our website too!

And if you wanted another way to ensure you never any of our new content, sing up to the Newsletter and you’ll get a monthly email letting you know of what we’ve been up to. We’re preparing for a super tiny weekly newsletter one too

So, since we love sharing what we do, we thought they might be good, additional outlets!

Book Launch

Andy B has been beavering away on a brand new project – his very first book. You can see him in this photo a copy of a proof of this book.

The book is titled Broken Dreams, and Hope! and it’s something a friend asked Andy to put together, which he did! We have one minor edit left to make and we’ll be good to do. We plan to launch the book on Friday 25th March 2022, God willing!

There is also an accompanying video or podcast – on Broken dreams, and Hope! and yYou’ll be able to buy a paperback version of the book on Amazon (in many places around the world) and also as an E-Book.

This is a book we hope can show people hope in a broken world. With the troubling events in Eastern Europe at this time, it seems ever more relevant and pertinent.

As you can see, he is rather excited!!

andy with proof, 1920 x 1080

We’ve kept the pricing as low as possible and our hope is that you’ll be able to give a copy to someone who needs pointing back to Jesus. You’ll be able to buy the e-book and lend it to a friend too.

Andy shares some raw stories from his life, but – above it all, through it all and surrounding it all – the ever present hope of a very real, active and comforting Jesus Christ.

Supporting the BerryBunch family Ministry via PayPal

We’ve had a Patreon account working away for a while – which enables you to support our Ministry financially, each month.

We’ve now introduced an additional method of accepting, one time, financial donations and gifts.

We’ve learned, over many years of living by faith – ever since we sold our home after we’d prayed for God to teach us faith – that it’s important to allow others to help us, and finances is one of those ways.

So, we’ve now set up a provision. If you’ve already got a PayPal account set up, this is just for you!

While we’ll never ask for money, it is something that matters because everything we do – for free – costs money to make it so.

Andy B, and the rest of the BerryBunch

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