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Avatar Andy B | 21/02/2021

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Andy B talks about being thankful – how showing gratitude requires action, not just words, as it forms part of our worship to God.

Gratitude needs to extend beyond just being grateful, but we actually need to shows gratitude as well.

Andy B

So we're looking at gratitude today on S4S Lite. What's gratitude all about? Well, how does it affect our lives? And 2 Thessalonians Chapter 5, Verse 18, says, this,

"Give thanks in everything for this is God's will for you in Christ, Jesus." And then it goes on to say, "don't stifle the Holy Spirit."

Now, gratitude is something where we're showing thanks to people, and it's part of our worship to God. Because, ultimately, if we're gonna show gratitude, it's not just saying thank you. I'm sure we've all had it, where we get a gift, and we have to write a letter of thanks when we're a child. And we think what's the point of writing the letter of thanks? It doesn't really matter. Actually it matters quite a lot to the person that sends the gift, some of the time. And actually not saying thank you's quite upsetting.

And if we think about our lives with God we have to remember that we've got so most that we can show gratitude for, to God. Not least the fact we've got air in our lungs. There's aa wonderful song, 'you've given me the air in my lungs, and I can breathe, and I can sing'. That's what God's done for us. We have a daily opportunity to worship God. So when we're saying thank you to God. When we're showing our gratitude. When we are, as the Bible says, giving thanks in everything.

And it's not just saying, oh, thanks, God. It's actually through what we do as well. Because if somebody gives us a gift that we don't really like, 'thanks for that. That's great, I'll shove it in the, in the recycle bin when I get home'. But when they give us something really amazing, your face lifts up, your whole countenance changes, you're so thankful, and grateful, and you're happy, and your smile comes out, and your eyes brighten up, and you're amazing, you take this gift, whatever it is, because it's amazing!

But God's done more than that. Much more. Much, much, much, much more than we can ever get in a physical gift, from a person.

So we show our physical gratitude to people not just by saying thank you, but actually by being grateful in our actions, and our words, and our hospitality, and how we speak to them. How much more so with God. So, as we think about showing, giving thanks in everything for this is God's will, as it says in 1 Thessalonians 5, 18 there's a couple of things.

One, saying thank you isn't necessarily enough. It's like saying sorry, it's not quite enough to just say sorry. We need to be sorry, as well as say sorry. So it's not just saying 'I am sorry', it's changing our actions. In the same way when we're saying thank you, it's not just saying thank you, it's being thankful and that's a daily thing that we can do, every moment of our day.

So, gratitude, give thanks in everything is what 1 Thessalonians 5, 18 says. 'Give thanks to God in everything.' So, let's be thankful in everything. Let's be grateful to God. Let's show gratitude not just by saying thank you, but by being thankful. And when we are being thankful, as well as saying thank you to God, we'll wanna shine the love that He's given to us out to others, to reflect, to be a mirror of that light. So saying thank you to God is important. Every day we say thank you. We have a daily prayers called Prayer 262 on the Berry Bunch. And we have a point at the end of the prayers where we say thank you to God, and that's good.

But on top of that, we need to be being thankful and when we actually are thankful it's more than words can express. It comes out in our actions. And it's the same with our worship to God. If we are thankful it isn't just saying thank you to God, it's being thankful. It changes every part of who we are. It changes our walk. It changes the way we walk, and the way we talk, and the way we look at things. It means we wanna say thank you to God. We wanna keep our eyes off the things which are gonna distract us. We want to do everything we can to worship and show God.

So, gratitude. It's really awesome. Say thank you, but be thankful. Be grateful. Don't just be grateful, but show it out to others. Show your gratitude to God to the people that you meet.

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