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Avatar Andy B | 07/02/2021

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Abigail is an amazing example of a godly women, she exudes truth, integrity, honesty, humility, and respect.

In Andy B’s Preachy Teach LITE, Andy looks at how we need to be more like Abigail when seeking to influence others. Andy leads us on from last week when we thought about changing our own minds. This week we look at changing other people’s minds and praying for others.

Pray on!

Andy B

"The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases. His mercies never come to an end. They are new every morning. Great is your faithfulness. The Lord is my portion says my soul, therefore I will hope in Him. The Lord is good to those who wait for him, to the soul who seeks Him."

And as we think about this, the book of Lamentations, brilliant book! In some ways, it's sort of similar to Psalms. There's a real reality, there's a real raw reality of someone's emotion and desperation and how wretched they feel, like we see in some of the Psalms. And, just like with the Psalms, although we're not quite sure who wrote Lamentations, obviously David wrote the Psalms, but in Lamentations, the author clearly has seen some stuff that is really devastating. And it's got loads of really graphic details of how wretched they feel, and what they're seeing around them, and how God's rejected them and abandoned them. And it's a really great book when you're not feeling great about life. Because the other thing that's in there, which is key, just like in the Psalms, is all this stuff gone on, but God is still good. God still loves me, I've still got hope. And that's what comes out through it, which is really, really cool.

Sometimes life happens and it feels like it's happening around us. We're just sitting in the middle of a pond, and everyone's going around us, and we're just getting rocked by the waves.

Sometimes it feels like life is happening at us. We're sitting there and the water's splashing on our face, and against us, and we can't see and we got salt in our eyes. And that's how it feels.

And sometimes it feels like life is with us. That we're actually rowing with the tide. And it's helping us go in the direction we're supposed to go.

And I'm sure we can all think of situations where we've had the water in our face, and we've had the water making us uneven because of the ripple effect around us. And sometimes we feel like we're walking through life really well. And these are different seasons that we can each go through. And we can repeat them many times. But the thing is, and this is Lamentations again, every day that we have, with God, is a new day and a new opportunity to learn more about ourselves in God's eyes, prepare ourselves for heaven, as Corrie Ten Boom would often say, every day prepares us for heaven. The bad stuff actually makes us more ready for heaven. And we need to remember that we are blessed every day that we have, that we can breathe and serve God on this earth.

It's very easy to think, you know what, I'm a bit sick of life, and it's really hard, it's really difficult. COVID year, lock down. It's terrible! But God is still good.

'I've lost my job, you don't understand and but the thing is, I've got no money now and I can't afford to buy any food. And I've got to get a food bank. But do you know what? God's still good. And, actually, I've still got breath in my lungs. And I can say those things.'

As a family, we've been without food, a couple of years ago. We know what that feels like. And yet we were able to still praise God through the difficulty and the tears, and all the stuff that went on. Do you know what God was good! Because God provided. Not just foodbank, but we had gifts and we had some really kind Christians who came alongside us. And some kind people who didn't know Jesus who showed us love as well. So, when life's difficult, and you're thinking 'do you know what, I can't cope with this'. 'It's really bad. God's abandoned me. He's rejected me.' Well David said that in the Psalms many times. The author of Lamentations said it many times. But they also said, 'Do you know what, God is still good'. Because Lamentation drips with realism. But it also is gushing with hope. That through all we still have Christ?

Matthew 6, verse 34 tells us

"Do not be anxious about tomorrow."

We don't know what's gonna happen tomorrow. The New Testament also says we should make plans for tomorrow. It also tells us and reminds us that there's enough going on today that we're struggling to cope with that we shouldn't be struggling with what may happen tomorrow, or may not.

Whatever happens in your life, in our life, we can be certain of one thing. And that is that God loves us. That God is good. His plans are for us. Sometimes we have to readapt what our version of that means, and come back to God and say, well, this isn't my plan God, I had a really good plan God. Perhaps, perhaps you need a hand God and doing things my way and it's a good plan.

And then we see where it God's taken us and we're really glad that He didn't take us the path that we thought was the better one.

So, as Lamentations remind us, let's be grateful for the day that we have before us, when we have breath in our lungs that we can serve God, love others, pray into situations, do good deeds for the people around us, and become more like Jesus, as we prepare for heaven.

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