Andy B Talks: #GoDeeper, Season 4

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#GoDeeper with Andy B: Tactical Retreat (Endurance S04E011)

Watch the video, Listen to the Audio, or Read the transcript - below! #GoDeeper Andy B begins GoDeeper by explaining ...
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GoDeeper with Andy B, If you always do (Endurance S04E010)

#GoDeeper with Andy B: If you always do what you’ve always done…(Endurance S04E010)

Watch Andy B unpacks this week’s theme by first defining what we mean by the expression: “If you always do ...
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#GoDeeper with Andy B: Know Thyself (Endurance S04E09)

#GoDeeper with Andy B: Know Thyself (Endurance S04E09)

Andy B delves deeper into this week’s theme from the angle of knowing who we are in Christ, i.e., knowing ...
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aEndurance, Adaptation, Not Justification, S04E08

#GoDeeper with Andy B: Endurance, Adaptation not Justification (Endurance S04E08)

Andy B unravels this week’s theme with some examples of adapting well and adapting poorly. He explains how witnessing to ...
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S4, E7, GoDeeper

#GoDeeper with Andy B: Meh! (Endurance S04E07)

Andy B begins this week’s episode of Endurance by first explaining what exactly we mean by the mundane with the ...
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GoDeeper, S4, E6,

#GoDeeper with Andy B: When It All Goes Well (Endurance S04E06)

Andy B begins this week’s episode by asking, “What do you do when things go well?” and, “How do you ...
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GoDeeper, Honestly I'm Fine! S4, E5

#GoDeeper with Andy B: Honestly, I’m Fine!(Endurance S04E005)

Andy B begins this week’s theme, “Honestly, I’m fine”, with a reminder of how skilled we can become at hiding ...
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GoDeeper with Andy B, Down but not out, S4, E4

#GoDeeper with Andy B: Down But Not Out (Endurance S04E004)

Andy B opens up this week’s theme, “Down, But Not Out”, by first reminding us of the fact that everyone ...
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S4, E3, GoDeeper, Going Equipped

#GoDeeper with Andy B: Going Equipped (Endurance S04E003)

Andy B unpacks this week’s theme, “Going Equipped”, by providing real-life examples and consequences for being prepared or not being ...
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GoDeeper, God opposes the proud, S4, E2

#GoDeeper with Andy B: God Opposes The Proud (Endurance, S04E002)

In order to kickstart this week’s theme Andy B gives some real-life examples of inexperienced people thinking they know better ...
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S4, E1, GoDeeper, Back to basics

#GoDeeper with Andy B: Back to Basics (Endurance, S04E001)

Go Deeper with Andy B, as he talks about going back to basics. Andy mentions supermarkets’ basic items ranges as ...
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