Andy B’s first book, Broken Dreams, and Hope!

Broken dreams happen to all of us.

It can be as simple as looking forward to a cup of tea when we get home from work, only to find you forgot to buy some milk.

It can be waking up to a letter that has been pushed through your door over night telling you that you have just 2 months to find a new house to live in, when you know there is no way you can afford to move (we’ve had that happen, more than once).

Broken dreams can be a spouse filing for divorce or losing your job through redundancy when you’ve just taken on a mortgage.

“I want you to know that no matter what you are going through, whoever you are, irrespective of what you have done, there is a Hope that can overcome all of those things.”.

Andy B

We all have dreams, and they vary from person to person, and with the different seasons of our lives.

We also, all, have dreams that have come true, and dreams that have been shattered.

The one thing we – each of us – have in common is that we know what it is to be frustrated by life; to be have to change plans we’ve made simply due to a situation we unexpectedly find ourselves in, and often which is not one of our making or choosing.

Above all is God. And it can be easy to ask God why He failed and let us down. If that is the question on your mind, then you’re in good company. A man named David had exactly those same battles, albeit a couple of thousand years ago. You can read about his particular struggles in the Book of Psalms, where he laid out his broken dreams at the feet of God, very frequently and descriptively.

What set David apart , though, was that he had a hope that did not come and go with the changing of the wind. His was a hope that was certain, even thought it was frequently tested and battered.

I have that hope too, and so can you.

And that is why Andy B wrote Broken Dreams, and Hope! In this book Andy B shares some raw dreams he has had which have been shattered. But he also shows us of ever present reality of hope. That hope has a name, and His name is Jesus.

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The eBook is already available for pre-order. Paperback available from Friday 25th March 2022

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