Andy B’s first book launch is now just hours away

We’re getting a tad excited about the launch of Andy B’s first book – Broken Dreams, and Hope!

You can probably tell! But if you’re wondering what it’s all about and who it’s for check out the super short video – below – that sums it all up for you.

“I want you to know that no matter what you are going through, whoever you are, irrespective of what you have done, there is a Hope that can overcome all of those things.” Andy Berry

Andy B gets raw and real in Broken Dreams, and Hope! Through the many difficulties he has faced, and his many broken dreams, there is one thing that always keeps his head above the water – hope!

And it is a hope that can not be quenched, no matter what life throws at him, or anybody.

It’s Andy B’s first ever book, but he has certainly caught the bug, because he has another 5 books on the go at the moment, with release dates stretching from May 2022 and well into 2023.

But, before all of those other books Andy B is beavering away creating and editing, there is this very first one.

You can already pre-order Broken Dream, and Hope! on Amazon, and from Friday 25th March you’ll be able to purchase a paperback copy too. If you can use Amazon, wherever you live in the world, you can get a hold of this very timely book.

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