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We stopped making Something 4 Sunday LITE Episodes at the end of February 2021.

It was a great beginning, but it also birthed Endurance – yours weekly Spiritual Workout!

If you’re short on time, and especially if you want to deeper in your relationship with God, Something 4 Sunday LITE is perfect for you. It’s all based around the challenge to #GoDo – scripture encourages us to become more like Jesus and that is what S4S LITE is all about.

S4S LITE is a brilliant Spiritual Workout, and is Suitable For All Ages and Fitness Levels.

S4S LITE was born out of a desire to provide something more aimed at young people, and is written and recorded by our own Youth Department here at the BerryBunch.

We came up with the idea for Something 4 Sunday LITE, while filming Something 4 Sunday – which is an All Age Service style broadcast for the whole family, whatever your age.

Andy B opens up the scripture we’re looking at for the episode and then Nathan & Steven challenges us with 3 things to #GoDo during the week ahead.

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