60 Second Update, Issue 8

Avatar The BerryBunch | 20/04/2022

In Case You Missed It

Book Launch - Broken Dreams, and Hope!

Broken Dreams, and Hope! Is Andy B’s first book. He takes a raw look at his own life, and shows us how, despite the difficult and painful experiences he has endured, there is a hope and that hope has name. That name is Jesus Christ!

Coming Up


While at Spring Harvest Andy heard God’s audible voice speaking to him. It was an overwhelming experience, which, more than 3 decades on, reminds Andy B of how much God loves him.

Marriage Matters - A Balancing Act

Andy and Jo talk about A Balancing Act. In any relationship we need to be honest. This clearly will differ depending on the relationship. But, within the context of a marriage, that ability to be both honest, and loving; kind but truthful, can be a tough challenge.

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The BerryBunch

0:01 And, so, this is your 60 Second Update from across the BerryBunch.

0:05 And In Case You've Missed It we've had a book launched this week, called Broken Dreams, and Hope! by Andy B and I've got a couple of reviews here. So someone said

0:13 "I read your book last night. It took a little over an hour, it was so good. Each chapter flowed into the next making it hard to put down."

0:20 And then someone else said,

0:21 "A small confession to make I've just finished reading your book. Finished in a day which is very unusual for me. A real page turner. That's Broken Dreams, and Hope! by Andy B.

0:31 And coming up, we've got TestimonyTuesday where Andy B relates how God, how he heard God's voice.

0:37 And we've also got Marriage Matters, A Balancing Act, about honesty and marriage, and kindness not crurlty.

0:46 And you can sign up to the newsletter, BerryBytes at www.BerryBunch.family

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