60 Second Update, Issue 9

Avatar The BerryBunch | 08/04/2022

In Case You Missed It

We launched our first book called Broken Dreams, & Hope! by Andy B.

In Go Deeper, we looked at when it all goes well and what the bible says about this.

And in Family Prayer Time, JoJo & Peter prayed for Scotland.

Coming Up

The Easter Story with Dave the Dog who goes on an Easter Hunt and JoJo tells the Gospel in a nutshell!

In Marriage Matters, Andy B and Jo talk about affair-proofing your marriage or not – It’s a family affair.

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The BerryBunch

0:01 So, here's your 60 Seconds Update from across the BerryBunch.

0:04 And In Case You Missed It, we have had our very first book publication. It's called Broken Dreams, and Hope! and you can find out more about that on our website.

0:13 We've also had an episode of GoDeeper, where I take a look at what happens when all things are going well. What does the Bible say on that, and how are we supposed to respond?

0:21 And we've had another episode of Family Prayer Time with Peter and with Jo, who have been looking at Scotland, and praying for the Scottish people, and government.

0:29 And if that's not enough, Coming Up, we also have an Easter Egg Hunt with Dave the Dog, if that was going to whet your appetite, nothing else will.

0:37 And we've got Marriage Matters where myself and Jo look at the issue of affair proofing your marriage. Is this something we should be trying to do? Or is it something not? And we discuss that.

0:47 And, as ever, if you want to stay up to date with all we're doing across the variable and sign up for the newsletter, at our website www.BerryBunch.family

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