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If you’ve ever wondered what a Christingle is, then look no further.

Because, with a little help from Dave the Dog, Andy and Jo take us through how to make  Christingle, as they retell the Christmas Story, with a little Dave the Dog assistance.

This Christingle will be available for you to watch, stream, share and download, 10 days before – so you be inspired and make preparations to use it in your own situation, if you wish. You’ll be able to grab your own copy from 29th November 2021.

We’ll be broadcasting a Crafty Christmas too!

The BerryBunch

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Jo 0:03
So, we’re getting really excited about Christmas, as you can tell!

Andy 0:06
We’ve got tinsel

Jo 0:07
And I’m wearing my Christmas hat.

Andy 0:08
And we’ve got a snowstorm. Because, every good Christmas story must be about Jesus and the snowman.

Jo 0:13
Well, no! We’re going to tell them

Andy 0:14
And the snow.

Jo 0:15
We’re going to tell the real Christmas.

Andy 0:16
And the Easter Bunny?

Jo 0:17

Andy 0:17

Jo 0:18
We’re gonna tell them

Andy 0:18
The tooth fairy?

Jo 0:19

Andy 0:19

Jo 0:20
We’re going to tell the real Christmas story using an orange.

Andy 0:23
Yes, Christmas stories with fruit.

Jo 0:26
And Dave is going to join us.

Andy 0:27
Dave’s gonna help Jo Jo make a Christingle orange, which is all about the Christmas story,

Jo 0:31

Andy 0:31
The real Christmas. So, whether you’ve got snow in your future or not, we probably haven’t. Well we have here but not out, anyway.

Andy 0:40
Whether you’ve got snow in your feature or not join us for the BerryBunch Christingle 2021

Andy 0:47
And Dave!

Jo 0:48
And Dave!

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