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Avatar The BerryBunch | 27/10/2021

A BerryBunch Crafty Christmas, is the perfect time to get some inspiration and ideas for those Christmas Decorations and Art Projects.

Join the BerryBunch as they get us in the mood for Christmas!

The Christingle will be available for you to watch, stream, share and download, 10 days before – so you be inspired and make preparations to use it in your own situation, if you wish. You’ll be able to grab your own copy from 29th November 2021.

We'll be broadcasting a Christingle too!

The BerryBunch


Jo 0:07
Crafty Christmas. Are you ready?

Andy 0:11
Yeah. Just getting me Shepherd on!

Jo 0:13
Crafty Christmas.

Andy 0:14
You got a sheep?

Jo 0:15
Oh no, I haven't got a sheep.

Andy 0:16
I need a sheep for me shepherd.

Jo 0:17
Oh, well, we'll get one by the.

Andy 0:19

Jo 0:19
What we're doing is for crafty Christmas, this year, is the Christmas story through art.

Andy 0:25
And a blinged up Shepherd.

Jo 0:26
Yeah. Well why are you wearing a waistcoat and a black tie?

Andy 0:30
'Cos it's blinged up.

Jo 0:31
Oh, I see.

Andy 0:32
And the Black ties' 'cos he's, he's just, you know, funeral.

Jo 0:35
Oh, you've been to, yeah you only wher your black tie to a funeral.

Andy 0:37
I had to bury a sheep.

Jo 0:39
Okay, so we're doing the Christmas story through Art. And we're gonna be using, dah dah.

Andy 0:42
Toilet rolls.

Jo 0:44
Or cardboard tubes.

Andy 0:46
The nativity scene with toilet rolls.

Jo 0:49
We're gonna

Andy 0:49
Though it won't look like this.

Jo 0:50

Andy 0:50
Well, I hope not.

Jo 0:51
We're gonna transform it.

Andy 0:52
It can be done!

Andy 0:53
It shall be done!

Andy 0:53
It will be done!

Jo 0:55
Join us

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