Berrybunch Family Focus: Genesis 8 and Matthew 8

First thought – really must type this earlier, so I don’t forget what we discussed as a family!!

Genesis 8

Having read the scripture, I’d noted the following points to raise:

  • v11 – olive leaf/dove – still very much used today! many thousands of years on and God’s symbol of peace reigns!!
  • v19 – aniamls left the ark in an orderly way; everything to do with God involves order, and the animals leaving the ark, after more than a year, was orderly too”. they left by families – not just charging out the door///
  • God is always a God of order, not chaos

Matthew 8

these verses stuck out, so I highlighted and was had a great chat about this

  • v24 – Jesus was sleeping through the storm and this is definitely something we should emulate
    – it must be possible for us too –> what would it take for us to be able to do that
    – why was the man – Jesus – not afraid of that storm; of dying on that ship on that night?!?
  • v32 – God/Jesus aren’t concerned with money – they have all the resources at their fingertips

Andy B

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