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Well Hello there!

We created the website almost exactly one year ago, so we thought it was high time to put in writing some of what we've been doing.

Everything we do online is, and always will be, free to access to everyone. Splash with Website


We've uploaded over 120 free to use, stream, share and download videos on our YouTube Channel

What started as simply somewhere for us to freely share resources for others to use or be inspired by, has grown to more than 120 free to use, download, share or stream video resources on YouTube, a second Instagram account for our latest Regular Broadcast - Endurance, and well over 400 posts with things you can use on our website

And we've loved it and are loving it still with plenty more ideas in the pipeline.

Little Blessings Online

Little Blessings Online, Season 4, Baby and Toddler Group

Including Season 4 of Little Blessings Online which starts on 17th May 2021, which we've been working on since we took a break at Christmas - to give it something of a make over, especially as Covid lockdown restrictions start to change and reduce.

Little Blessings Advert, V4b

We're super excited about the changes we've got planned for Season 4.

Watch our last episode from Season 3 - "Joe's Jobs":

Coming in November 2021

We've also got an idea we're working on to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary later this year. Details to follow, but we've already got a logo, a name and know exactly what it will be and look like. Won't give you any spoilers just yet though!

Wedding Rings

Something 4 Sunday

Something 4 Sunday logo, green

Something 4 Sunday was tremendous fun to write, record and edit!

But after 3 seasons we decided it had run its course, so finished Season 3 at the start of the New Year. It was our All Age service, for the whole family. We've got more ideas for this for 2022 - our plate is otherwise pretty full!

You can still watch old episodes of Something 4 Sunday right here.

Watch our first (and final) episode from Season 3 "Resolutions, Change And Psalm 25":


Endurance is shortly to reach the end of it's 1st Season, and we've more ideas to make Season 2 even better. If you want something to help you balance physical and spiritual exercise, it's definitely for you. It's a super simple format: #GoDeeper, #SpeakTruth and #GoDo.

Find out more about Endurance here.

-:- Endurance on Facebook -:- Endurance on Instagram -:- Endurance on YouTube -:-

Watch our latest episode, Episode 6, from Season 1 - Mind Over Matter:

Prayer 2:62

Daily Family Prayers Advert, Version 2

We began with Daily Family Prayers right at the start of the very first lockdown

We've changed the times, the look and we love it's new format as Prayer 2:62, from 4pm (GMT) weekdays: just 10 minutes of your day!

We've been honoured to pray for, as well as see answers to prayer, for people from the UK, Nigeria, the USA, Finland, India, China and more. What a true privilege to stand with people we'll most probably never meet in person in this life!

Why Easter?

We produced a special video for Easter simply titled "Why Easter? 2021"

We had a blast making it and trying to answer the simple question Why Easter? So what does Easter and what do a wooden cross, churches, people and crowds, hot cross buns, chicks, chocolate, food, bank holiday and traffic jams all have in common!

Bank Holiday Mondays happen because of Easter, an event that we know to be true, some 2,000 years ago.

That just leaves with a simple question and a simple choice…

Winter Specials

We love creating Light Parties and Christingles so - during Covid - we went all out and provided an online version of both. We even created a Crafty Christmas video where you could get your Art on.

Light party

The Light Shines in the Darkness Image

Light Parties are Andy B's absolutely favourite thing to provide for churches and families.

With no chance of doing one in a church during Covid, Andy B and Jo Jo created one at home.

So wherever and whenever you are, you can have your very own Light Party right where you are at a time of your choosing!


Christingle 2020 Advert

If you missed out on a Christingle service, you can watch one - any time of the year - and get into the Christmas groove.

Crafty Christmas

Crafty Christmas, 2020

If you want some great Art ideas for Christmas, we've got you covered. We'll do one every year!


We've loved building our website over the past 12 months.

We've loved making stuff others can use for free and we have no intention of ever changing this!

We also know, from many years of experience in ministry, that some people enjoy supporting the work of others financially, so we've set up a Patreon page to make this easy to do - so people who choose to, can support the website and the free resources we provide.

There is never any expectation or pressure from us regarding money. We never have any intentions to change this - God supplies all our needs, and has done in some miraculous ways, including the initial inspiration, and creation, of the website!

There is, of course, a cost to what we do - but we happily meet this personally, because this is what we believe God has asked us to do.

So if you want to support us financially, you can easily do this via our Patreon page. And if you don't think this method of support is for you, then you'll still be able to access everything we provide online for free.

As cliched as it may sound, it's true for us that we value prayer above all else!

Andy B

Andy B and the BerryBunch

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