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It's about time we shared some more of what we've been up to, and what we've got coming up - because we've been pretty busy of late!

And, most importantly, we've now set up a Newsletter, so we won't need to send out posts like this - you can simply sign up, on our website, and you can get all this new, and our latest Posts, Resources and news, straight to your inbox!

Just sign up! We'll be sending these out once, each month.

Marriage Matters

Our brand new, shiny, project is called Marriage Matters. Check out this little taster we took from our very first episode, below. And we go Live, on Saturday 23rd October, from 4pm. You can Watch, Listen or Read each episode.


Right here on our website, or on Facebook, or on Instagram, or on YouTube.


Via your favourite Podcast Provider.


We'll provide a Transcript for each episode, so you can read it.

Coming Up Soon

Light Party - 31st October *, from 6pm (UK)

Christingle - 22nd December *, from 7pm (UK)

Crafty Christmas - 15th December *, from 5pm (UK)

If you enjoy, or make use of any of our resources, we'd love to know how you got on!

Diary and Pencil

* Please note that we aim to have these video resources - which you are free to use, stream, share and download -10 days before the date listed above, so you can prepare them for use, for free, in your situation.

And don't forget to catch our Season Finale Episodes, of Little Blessings Online and Endurance, which will go live next week.

Do feel free to share any of our posts and resources - they are free to watch, stream, download and share.

If you have enjoyed watching, or using, something we've made - for you - and you want to say thanks, why not send us a donation via Buy Me A a Coffee and help us keep our Ministry free for everybody. And if you want to donate to us on a regular, basis, Patreon would be a great choice.

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