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  • Andy B 2 Minute Video, Check with The Instructions, S4, E22
    After a small mishap, when a pair of woollen gloves tried to take on the heat of a tumble dryer, and lost, Andy B started thinking about a much older memory of a very expensive cardigan that suffered the same, inevitable, outcome. And, much like what happened to those woollen gloves, mistakes happen. But, with God, the Good News is that we can’t mistake ourselves away from God. Because the very nature of Gods to redeem our mistakes.
  • Andy B 2 Minute Video, Do What You Can When You Can, S4, E24
    As a Stay-At-Home-Dad for more than 15 years I’ve thoroughly loved everything with caring for my family and our home. But since catching Covid a little over a month ago, discovering an issue with my heart, getting through a lung infection and adjusting to a whole host of medication to keep me healthy until the heart issue can be resolved, it has taken a lot out of me. The most challenging part is being on blood thinners. Because there is so much I can’t do, or need to seriously question whether I should do that, or not.
  • Andy B 2 Minute Video, Peace Through the Trials, S4, E21
    So this is one of Andy B’s extended 2 minute videos. But, after a hellish November, and nearly 6 weeks with no filming anything, it seems fitting! As people, we want to control the situations around us, to make us safe. But we also have to learn, as we mature, to be able to discern which battles we should enter, and which battles we simply need to accept. Not accepting them in terms there is nothing we can ever do about it. But accepting that there are some battles we just need to leave to one side. And the Bible tells us not to be anxious. But, it also tells us that, when we are anxious, we are go to God.
  • Covid and The Golden Ticket
    Take your mind back, and you might remember seeing the first signs that Covid-19 could well be a real issue, heading our way, like a freight train running along the tracks towards the edge of a cliff! Scroll on a couple of years, and it is still making the lives of tens of millions of people difficult, at best. It has taken many loved ones from their family, way ahead of time, and it has created an abundance of fear.
  • BerryBunch updates
    We’ve been having some issues with the hosting of our website lately. It went offline a couple of times, and there’s a good chance that will happen again in the next day or two, perhaps semi-permanently.

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