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  • Andy B 2 Minute Video, David, Benaiah, Goliath and Respect
    Andy B found a great bible reading plan on YouVersion, that led him to 1 Samuel 16, and the account of David killing Goliath. As amazing as that piece of scripture is, at 58 verses in length, David’s actions with those stones, only takes up 1 little verse. As amazing as that, Andy B saw an ever greater act of heroism.
  • Andy B 2 Minute Video, Samuel, David and Uncertainty
    Samuel is an prophet, with an amazing prophet to speak for God to people. With that comes the other side of a great relationship with God – actually having to speak what God is telling Samuel to say. Enter Jesse and his sons! Samuel is to choose the next king. But, having checked in with God, none of those sons are acceptable to God to become King. Was Samuel wrong? Or is there a bigger picture to this? Andy B imagined Samuel with a drop of sweat as the last son passed, and the answer came from God that, no, this wasn’t the right person to become King…
  • Andy B 2 Minute Video, James, Conviction and Liberation
    The book of James helps Andy B get real about some struggles he’s been having with being double minded. It’s never easy admitting you’ve been getting something wrong. But there is a beauty of the conviction that comes from getting honest with God, and allowing the Holy Spirit to minister to us as God’s hand crafted people.
  • 1,000th post on DingDash and marking milestones
    We are on a few different social media platforms because of But our absolute favourite BY . A . MILE . is DingDash, created by the wonderful folks behind Back to Jerusalem. DingDash is about making Dings (Dings and Dashes comes from the way letters were made in Morse Code) – when you reach 1,000 Dings (interactions), you get a little change to an icon that accompanies your profile – it changes to a little Ninja! Ss we got nearer to our 1,000th Ding, I started to get a little nervous about what I’d want to be that 1,000th interaction; that 1,000th Ding; that move to Ninja status and our next post or conversation.
  • #SpeakTruth – When weight training you shouldn’t just work…
    When weight training you shouldn’t just work on the muscles that look good at the beach. So it is with the faith, you shouldn’t just improve the areas of your life that look good in church. #speaktruth

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